Sunday, July 22, 2007

DJ Sonarm Puts Indie Music On-Line

New online radio station promoting U. K. East Midlands-based unsigned bands and musicians for FREE! Get your music heard by A&R management and your fans!

What Is It?

East Midlands Talent Radio is a new online radio station run by local musicians bringing you a new avenue of exposure for your music - FREE for a limited time only!

What Do You Do?

Aiming to promote East Midlands bands and musicians we are looking for completed, unsigned material to broadcast on our station so we can get up and running as quickly as possible. Initially, all songs will be played at random and once we get enough material and musicians involved we can then expand and start scheduling the material and running scheduled shows.

Once online, your music will be targeted at your potential fan base (spanning the whole of the east midlands and beyond), record labels and A&R management with scheduled times for each genre so everyone will know when to tune in to hear what they want!

Once our website is up and running, you will also get a bio page where the listeners can find out everything they need to know about you and your music. They can contact you to book you for a gig or - with a bit of luck - it'll be A&R showing interest in your work! Or just your mum telling you how proud she is!

So what's the catch?

Nothing! All we ask is that you agree to allow us permission to use your material by signing our contract and fill out a short questionnaire for our market research. Providing you are resident in the East Midlands, England that's it!!!

More Information

If you are interested in this offer of free music exposure, require more information or have any comments or queries please email us at

On a Personal Note

DJ Sonarm and a few friends started this project in the sprint of 2007. Being a fan of music that is not played on mainstream radio is not unusual today. The number of unplayed musicians has grown in that past few weeks into the hundreds, jumping on this new form of airplay. Hundreds of music stations are closing down on the Internet, something the music industry kings and wise guys forced upon us. They came to the conclusion that we must pay to listen. It is the most unbelievable argument every heard, since "they" are broadcasting along our tax paid satellites, telephone and cable lines for free. The music industry also pollutes "our" air with their AM and FM signals and now we are supposed to pay to listen? 99% of the music produced never gets to the mainstream or cable networks so a few minds got together and have a unique idea, that will allow them to be heard. The music industry has no place in any of this, unless of course, the two to three music companies remaing, wish to sign them with a well paid contract.
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