Friday, May 15, 2009

Nuclear Power for Alberta, Canada?

There is very little public input on this new plan from the Province of Alberta. There could be if people want to take the time to go to the Alberta Government website and download the forms to fill out.

Current research shows that there are billions of dollars in costs and many years of work to bring one of these polluters online.

In a Province that has some of the brightest minds a person has to wonder why they have not looked at solar power. The cost would be around 40% of the cost of nuclear and there is no environmental damage.

The south eastern section of Alberta gets more sunshine than any place else in Canada. Why is the Alberta Government so intent on doing something that is so 20th Century when they have the money and the people to do something innovative?

There would be the creation of Canadian jobs with Canadian investment and power for millions of Canadians. Let’s just make sure that under NAFTA Canada does not have to give this clean power away to the United States for pennies.

Do a search on Internet for “solar energy 2009”. You will be surprised at how many countries are now getting into solar power.


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Canada Now May 11, 2009 – Debate

There used to be a time in Canada when we debated issues of importance from coast to coast. Over the past few years beginning with Paul Martin and continuing with minority PM Harper the process was halted.

The only sources of media that now exist in Canada continue to get their news from a world wire service. They say little or nothing about the current economic situation that millions of Canadians are facing.

The Liberal Party of Canada plays no role in opposing anything that PM Harper does. Why are Canadians so quiet while they loose their jobs, have problems with Health Care, get little support without massive amounts of paperwork from the Federal Government?

64% of Canadians voted in opposition to the minority government headed by Stephen Harper. Where are the opposing views from the opposition parties? Why are they so quiet or is it the media that is keeping them quiet?

Where has the Canadian concept of debating gone? Canadians are no longer being included in debating critical issues that effect our lives.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Canada Now - May 8, 2009

Corporate propaganda 24x7 is all Canadians get. Where is our Independent News and Opinion?

Have Harper, Michael and the CRTC forgot there are supposed to be representing Canada? We get to hear the censored version of whatever the Conservatives and Liberals are doing in Ottawa from their media moguls.

Here are today’s top stories from our 2 networks in these photos. Both are identical except in how they place the top news or snooze as I call it.



The propaganda ministers must be working overtime to give Canadians such a one sided view of OUR country. Misleading and disinformation pretending that all is well as unemployment climbs and more jobs are lost everyday. Neither of the two ever ask any questions on how Canadians are doing with prices on all goods sky rocketing.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Canada NOW May 7, 2009

Let's ask "exactly" what those green jobs are and where they are going to be located?

Will these supposed “green jobs” pay a minimum wage while the corporation liars earn billions?

How much more destruction to the environment will be involved with these “green jobs”?

Will we move away from a petroleum based economy in Canada or continue to march to our “masters” in the United States? Look at the great job they are doing of protecting liars and criminals in high places.

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