Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Canada Now - May 8, 2009

Corporate propaganda 24x7 is all Canadians get. Where is our Independent News and Opinion?

Have Harper, Michael and the CRTC forgot there are supposed to be representing Canada? We get to hear the censored version of whatever the Conservatives and Liberals are doing in Ottawa from their media moguls.

Here are today’s top stories from our 2 networks in these photos. Both are identical except in how they place the top news or snooze as I call it.



The propaganda ministers must be working overtime to give Canadians such a one sided view of OUR country. Misleading and disinformation pretending that all is well as unemployment climbs and more jobs are lost everyday. Neither of the two ever ask any questions on how Canadians are doing with prices on all goods sky rocketing.

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