Saturday, September 22, 2012

Introducing Canada

First a short description to Americans or anyone outside Canada reading this article. It may be educational for most Canadians, who remain completely clueless, about the Federal Government of Canada.

A Federal election is normally held every 4 years in Canada. Unlike the United States Canadians do not vote for the Prime Minister. The person who gets the top job in Ottawa is elected by his or her political Party as the leader. Today Stephen Harper the leader of the Conservative Party, much akin to the Republican Party in many ways is the Prime Minister of Canada.

In each Riding one person needs to be elected by a majority of the people. In Canada we officially have a Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat, Bloc Québécois and Green Party. There are over a dozen smaller political parties, plus a person can run in a Federal Election, as an Independent.

We call these elected officials our MP for Member of Parliament known as the House of Commons. These Members of Parliament are considered the Lower House, and in comparison, are similar to the U.S. Congress. The next group is the Upper Chamber, called The Senate, and are appointed by the Prime Minister without any support of vote by Canadians.

Our country Canada is classified as a Parliamentary Democracy, a Federation, and a Constitutional Monarchy. (Thank you to the CIA who do a terrific job of keeping their website up to date.) Canada is based on a 14th Century style of government, with a touch of the Feudal system, for good measure. Canadians are saddled with an unelected bureaucracy at the Federal level to the Provincial, down to the City, County and Towns, along with thousands of Commissions. (the commissions link is simply to show search results)

The number of people employed full and part time is near 1.5 million for a population of 34 million citizens. When added together the cost to Canadians takes up 30% of the annual budget for salaries and lucrative pensions.

To show you how 14th Century Canada truly is, you need to look no further than the Oath of Allegiance, made by our political and judicial members. An Oath is sacred to most, and in the majority of nations, political leaders promise to uphold the Constitution of their country. In doing so they also promise under Oath to represent the people. Canadian Member of Parliament and the unelected Senate do not swear any Oath to Canada, it's Charter, it's Constitution or the people of Canada. They give their Oath of Allegiance as follows: Take another look at the CIA website for an unbiased description of the various levels of government.

The link for the Annual Budget is from a source I usually do not use, however, in this case it is the most accurate available.      

Canada is often criticized for the cost of our Universal Health Care system by the uninformed right wingers in the United States. The cost is 3% of the Annual Budget to cover every person living in Canada to have Health Care coverage. Yes the system does have some problems, although no Canadian ever had to declare bankruptcy or die, while waiting to see a Doctor. Costs such as prescriptions are often paid for or partially recovered depending on various circumstances.    

Everything written is meant as a backgrounder to upcoming blogs and videos. The Occupy movement is strong in most of Canada, along with protests, on environmental and electoral issues.

The Election Scandal

Monday, August 27, 2012

They Rebuilt Auschwitz

Anyone who may find this blog buried in the millions of other daily does of Internet trite will find some special problems.

I started up a channel on YouTube in 2008 and included links to videos here.

YouTube with orders from Google's Chinese and Imperialist masters began to attack the channel one year after the start date. There are very few if any links on this blog that function.

The attacks on the YouTube channel were viscous and  unfounded for the videos that had the "...may contain content" never had a rebuttal or strike. In other words it was pure bullying on the part of Google and their bosses attacking the channel.

Anyone who has a channel on YouTube knows about these "...may contain content" threats. Under the old standard there was a process for the channel operator to dispute the claim. Google changed that without letting anyone know so that the dispute process remained with a direct threat to the channel operator.

Here is one of 1000 disputes as the channel was nearing 2 million views.

You can see from this one that the false claim was from The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It seemed unlikely that Australia would be making such a claim so I took the volunteer time to contact them with a link to the video. The response was simple "We have reviewed the video and have made no such claim. We will look into this matter, however, YouTube is making these claims under our name without cause."

Once a person files the dispute the banner would disappear unless there was a real strike.

It becomes frustrating for the viewer to constantly hit "video no longer available" and it was clear that the attacks would continue.The next image is from the main channel playlist of 1600 videos that never had a dispute for over one year. Google and their no-name staff, who can never be reached in any way shape or form, began doing this rather than waiting for the claimant.

Obviously I was doing this as a volunteer for Democracy NOW! with their full knowledge and consent. We were attempting to put a different point of view into the clutter of the same old lies from mainstream media.

Reasons for Attacking the Channel.

YouTube cheats and lies about the number of actual uploads and users.

After checking the top 8 channels listed above not one of them has posted a video in over 2 years. Two of them have not posted a video in over 3 years yet they sit at the top of Channel Reporters. You can see that my channel was in the early stages with 297 videos and over 13,000 views.

This reason should come as no surprise to anyone. All of the videos marked in blue were "false flagged". Hundreds of attacks came from Darwin Media owned by the world's biggest criminal, liar, creator of fictitious wars and their friend Rupert Murdoch. It was after these videos were posted that the bosses in charge of Google, governments of the United States, England and Canada began the attacks on freedom of the press. After all it is perfectly fine for a gang of lawless thugs, who have stolen land belonging to others, to put 5 bullets into a 19 year old in international waters and get away with it.

Here is the website that you can search to find your channel name and if you have been targeted. It is paid for by the citizens of Canada and the United States with over 4000 students checking and flagging videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Depending on the browser you are using you may hit a "are you sure" flag saying that the website may attack your browser etc. It is another of the lies these lawless trouble makers do to stop you from viewing the site. We did them a great favor by planting over 100 people on their site to "help out" just to see all the information and it was amazing. 100% pure censorship and propaganda promoting all the way to their Google AdSense accounts that nearly none of the real YouTube users can ever access.

Nature is the Greatest Teacher

Nature goes in cycles and this series of events started with the mythical Zion will go in full circle. Their lies, censorship, propaganda and deceit will boomerang very soon. They have rebuilt the prison camp Auschwitz for themselves and now expect respect for such barbarism.

Doubtful this will be of any surprise to anyone on the planet.