Thursday, July 5, 2007

The End of Freedom

We squabble and dabble into each other’s sexual identity, all the while the various levels of government dig deeper into our pockets. This is called a “Red Herring”, when the government puts up a grand show on one topic, while never mentioning the dastardly deeds they are actually planning, or have already enacted.

Yes there was an Oh Canada we were very proud of slightly over 60 years ago. Our families went to fight a real war only because England was stupid enough to take on the Nazi Regime. At the time Hitler was being backed by large corporations from the United States, so we have proven that some things never change. Our young family members, just coming out of the worst economic depression, caused by the greed of the very rich, put on the uniforms and headed off to fight in Europe. The “stand on guard for thee” part came after World War II was over and our economy ran out of control. We now had something to protect with large families, single family homes, cars, guns and more cars.

We continued to show most of the world that we were (past tense) an educated country that lived in harmony and peace. Taxation was so low, that people could afford all the pleasures of the world, and still have a family made up of brothers, sisters, mother and father. Most of our Canada at that time worked for a relatively good wage with very few deductions. You could actually see your tax dollars being used with new ports of entry, roads being built across the country, good police and new businesses starting every day.

Canada "was" a country that cared about its own people and did things to help other nations in their growth. Everyone in the world knew about it as one would soon find out by travelling anywhere. All was well in never never-land until one day one of our great political leaders told a great lie.

Trudeau told us “he would not freeze our wages and prices” in order to win an election and the Canadian voters fell for the lie. It occurred to me while pondering the election, that this was similar to me asking the priests and nuns, why God needed billions of dollars. They were not amused and promptly had me moved from the private school to a public one. I began to ask a lot of questions of our political leaders at all levels as to what they were doing with all the money they were taking from my wages. None could even come close to an answer so I started to do some snooping on my own.

Would the billions Canada was spending on teaching French; eventually cause a large case of discrimination, against those who did not speak it? Most Canadians are excluded from working for the Federal loonies, some Provincial governments, or even get a contract should they not speak this foreign language? Those who do get the contracts are allowed to put as much as they desire in the pockets and never fear conviction or prison time. Those in the United States that believe you are the only ones dealing with corruption, only need to look north. Our governments and unelected bureaucrats can spend any amount and are never held accountable. Even after they retire we keep on paying them billions of dollars along with the appointments to unaccountable boards and commissions that never get anything done. In Canada we do not elect the Senate, and the hundreds of thousands we pay each of them can be sent to their homes in Bermuda.

When the words “a just society” rang out all over the country a true revelation came to me and I moved to Alberta, as Lougheed became the big time boss. The billions of taxpayer dollars were being thrown into the wind instead of back to the working people. Peter took good care of himself and his self-serving friends and to hell with those that voted him into office. Getty has a four lane highway into his rural estate, along with a taxpayers lake in his back yard. It is certainly true that good old Klein is taking his share, along with his buddies who gave themselves a pension plan that no individual could afford.

At the Federal level it is a mess and all the parties are simply assigned to corruption. Imagine paying a political party, that has a sole purpose to breaking up Canada! (this is called being "distinctive") We have lost the Canada that most grew up in where we believed in our country and doing good work brought good pay. We were brought up to believe that volunteer efforts were for the good of someone other than ourselves. There was no reason that any Canadian should freeze to death, as happened in Edmonton and Calgary, during a period of our famous winter weather. Imagine, Canada a country with so much money that a fellow person is left to freeze to death in the cold!

The news media do not want those stories on page one so they clutter it up with what gays and lesbians are demanding. Imagine, having to demand of our governments that everyone be treated with equality. So sad.

Our shame is that we let our different levels of government be governed by un-elected persons from coast to coast. Our shame is that these same people have forgotten that they are servants of the people, and are supposed to do whatever it takes to help Canadians. The shame is that they cannot be accounted for in their everyday life at work and cannot or will not change.

The world war that was fought for supposed freedom has been lost, and Hitler won hands down, laughing at us. There is another great lie put up on the news programs almost everyday. We are told that there are too many jobs and not enough people in Canada to work them. Let us, the unemployed and under-employed ask our politicians at all levels which of them will work for $8.00 an hour? You will take home $7.10 of that after taxes and dream for a better day. You may even attempt to collect Employment Insurance and be told you do not have enough hours to qualify, when indeed you do. You will be told here in a province that earns almost 2 Billion a month that you may qualify for $390.00 per month to pay your rent, bills and feed yourself. You will lose everything you worked so many years to have a good life. I just finished working at the Spectrum Casino at Northland's here in Edmonton recently. I was promised $13.00 and hour plus tips and when my pay cheque arrived I was only paid $11.00 and hour. "We made a mistake when we hired you" was the answer to my questions. There are no provincial laws that will support the abuse and scandalous behaviour of employers in Alberta. Anyone who reads this please send it to everyone and let them know that there is NO reason to move to Alberta for a job.

When looking online or in an Alberta newspaper 99% of the job ads will say "to be negotiated", which means they pay either only a commission or under $11.00 dollars an hour, and none pay any benefits, without a million conditions.

Once you are over 50 years old, forget it, nobody wants to hire you.

There was once a great and proud nation called Canada, it is both a lie and a myth. That Canada has long since disappeared and now we have a nation of corruption, politicians who have no vocabulary other than that of a liar or criminal. We are no longer a country that does anything for the people, except for the chosen few who can become a Professors at a University after they have lost a re-election.

The news media is now owned by a few corporations and their business is no longer telling the truth. It is made of fluff and pictures, full of wars and starvation, that never tell the lies of how we got there in the first place.. They are simply following the party line of corruption and greed.

Now that we will have a national "id card", would it have been any different had Hitler won the war?

"Rather than money, than fame, give me truth..." Thoreau

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