Thursday, July 12, 2007

Inch'Allah! God willing!

You are about to get a double tonight since there was little time to post a note yesterday. Do you miss me as much as I do!

The way we translate words may appear at first very easy. After studying so many years of Latin, it is easily visible to others who have had a similar experience. In this I ask is it about God?

It is not about God because nobody has seen God. It is not about the Great Prophets because nobody has seen any of them, and there are many. I only know of one Prophets, who lived circa 1800 BCE and is known as the Enlightened One. Nobody knows anything of his looks. After all, it is not about ones looks that count, only the words they left behind, for us to attempt to understand.

When listening to Adamo's song my mind was singing with him and there are such warm feelings. His video comes right after my short dialog with the willing :)

Pictures and stone icons are only there for those who do not believe and require something tangible to touch or hold onto. There is nothing earth-shattering about a picture, simply because it is only a rendition, as there is no physical realm within each of the Prophets lives. They live in a highly spiritual world and mankind may only attempt to create a picture or piece of artwork. There is no possible way for any of us to make a claim to the spiritual realm because we are here only to find a way to achieve such a way of life.

A drawing depicting any of the Prophets only shows how ignorant and arrogant the artist is, when it comes to the spiritual realm. Matters that concern the freedom of the press are in no way woven into this media myth, unless of course one of them has seen the Prophet, or perhaps had a conversation with God. Anybody we know making such a claim these past few years? Inch'Allah! and even with God Willing, it is a person of low character and no morals, that says they have a direct phone connection to the Universe.

Here I am speaking on this subject again, and watching Equilibrium at the same time. It is a great movie and well worth watching and it does get into the God syndrome, as we see it today.

We can learn a lot from the Prophets, Inch'Allah!, and we can learn a lot from Adamo too with his song.

Now it is time to see if there is any chow around this place and finish watching the rest of Equilibrium. The lyrics are written by Salvatore Adamo who simply goes by Adamo. In the Video he presents his song so turn up the sound and listen to the romance and sincerity.

The road will lead you to the fountain
Where you would like to fill your jug
You better stop Marie Magdalena
For them your body ain't worth water

Inch'Allah! Inch'Allah! God willing! Inch'Allah!

The olive tree is crying for its shadow
Its tender friend, tender wife
Who is lying in the ruins
Captive on the enemy side

I saw the Orient and its treasures
With the moon as a banner
And I intended in a few verses
To put its splendor into a song

But when I saw Jerusalem
A lonely poppy on the rock
I heard a sound of requiem
When I held it in my hand

Oh little chapel, don't you see
When you whisper "Peace on earth"
The little birds fly away with fear
When they hear the shout of guns

Everyone say hello to one new person during the next 24 hours, just do it :)

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