Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Message of Appreciation

This is an update on my message sent to many Indie musicians about a new podcast that I am working on. It will feature approved music from Indie musicians and news from non-mainstream media.

My love of music that does not find its way to radio or elsewhere is one of my life's joys. In working to do so it has taken a lot of effort to manage, promote and produce a lot of great music.

Politics and the way it shapes our world will also be included in my podcast. Over the past five years it is nearly impossible to find any counter points of view on any mainstream media. Politics that I have been involved with since my teens, was about making our world a better place and allowing individual freedoms to grow. You only need to spend a few minutes flipping around the mainstream media, to realize that it appears there is not a shred of kindness remaining in the world.

Does anyone know what happened to the challenge put to every person, by President Kennedy when he asked us to become "Citizens of the World"?

Now, to a question asked, as to what is in it for me. A good sense of fun doing what I enjoy, and this next part may sound odd to some.

The Internet has no borders and I want to do what I can to see John Edwards become the President of the United States of America. It is now clear that the world needs a person who will speak openly and honestly to us. We, the citizens of the world are tired of being lied to,
being spied on,
having our jobs lost,
having our homes taken away,
having our business smashed and being put on a list by people that want us to live in fear. We were born into this world in a universal image whether it be a butterfly or a wondrous sunrise. We remember whether it be friend or foe, that we will use our gift of life to speak openly and honestly to either.

Those of us who live in countries that elect our governments, must rise up and tell them we will no longer be slaves. Indeed, we must let them know they are our servants, and it is us who will put them on our list. As individuals, we still have the power to vote, and we must give the power to those who will no longer tempt us with their huge bank accounts, anywhere in our democracies.

Now for those of you who are willing to be a part of the podcast. Doing a podcast has many different ways to actually reach an audience that will listen on a regular basis. It was the following message I got back on a forum dealing with starting a podcast that got me working on doing it the right way from the start.

"You can cough into the microphone once a week and post it to the internet if you want. Just know that I won't listen to it"

We are chatting on a regular basis and the plan is now in place with a lot of great advice.

The message is in the Indie music and counter points of view that will assist in giving us the answers.

The art of listening while someone speaks will be our message.

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