Monday, July 30, 2007

One of Those Feelings

Share the Feeling

Do you ever feel that you want to share a feeling with someone, yet the words are missing? Perhaps the people you want to share with are at a distance and some else has the way and means to send along a message. Turn up the music and share the feelings that you will no longer tolerate the Criminals in Washington and their born again Hitler Youth.

There is a feeling around the world now, with billions of people hating the United States with Iraq in ruins. The total destruction of the world's "cradle of civilization" is going to come back and haunt Bush and all the criminals in Washington. It is my prediction since they have violated every Crime Against Humanity with a 100% Illegal make believe war, they will stand before the world as did the Nazi War Criminals. Be cheerful people of the world and applaud when you see them hanged by their necks until dead.

When the United Nations Charter was signed in 1945, it became a part of their Constitution and Bush and company have violated 14 statutes of the Charters points to this day. You will never see an honest news broadcaster in the United States let you see the destruction that Saddam would never have allowed.

Did you really believe that nobody was murdered when 2000 lb bombs were dropped all over Iraq?

Nobody can escape the "I was only obeying my orders.." as the Nazi's at Nuremberg discovered. That too, is written into the United Nations Charter as a War Crime. Who is the one leader that will stand up and lead the billions of people against the Criminals in Washington, along with their military commanders?

Beware, the Criminals in Canada and England for destroying the freedoms that millions died for in World War I and World War II. You too, have taken the rights and liberties from your people, without ever letting them know. Yet I know, by what you have done to me, so it is my right that my family fought for, to tell the world the truth. Over 90% of you so called leaders, elected officials, bureaucrats never wore a uniform and went into battle for the freedoms you so quickly remove.

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