Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wake Up Your Friends

Yes, the Doors of Perception was required reading to open our minds to the realities and be able to determine the lies.

We were the new reality that knew that the establishment had very bad intentions for all of the people on our planet.
Weekly or more often we went tripping to discover realities as they really are and be able to see through what colours they were showing. High Priests and Wizards we were ready to guard the future from all those who would strip us of our Freedom. The champions ready to listen to anyone and show people the way to an open mind, while flying into new universes of the wildest kind.. John Lennon talked to us about religion, politics, love, and war. He imagined a place where all the people of the world could live in harmony and peace.Remember how we dreamed of a world where there would be no poverty and disease. We would also be cautious of the lies that came to us from the media. We knew that behind their facade were lies, which could turn to a reality, instead of the myths from the tongues of clever deceivers.Can you guess what happened during all those years while you were sleeping? First, it makes us so happy to know that you are waking up from that long sleep since we spent so much time together. Was it years or did we just see each other a few days ago? .

While you slept, hundreds of millions of people, have been and are being starved to death all around our planet. New and horrific diseases have taken the lives of many more hundreds of millions since we last sat and talked.

New and even more insane wars are now promoted, as a healthy way to live as well, with new dictatorships that have taken place while you were sleeping. It is now honourable to attack and destroy another country simply because one does not feel good about the leader of it. Do you happen to recall all those conversations about the prison that was created by the Berlin Wall? The new leaders of our countries are now doing the same thing by using a word (terror) to create the illusion of danger. Imagine that in a country that has stockpiles of Nuclear Weapons are willing to use on other neighbours, or anybody that disagrees with them.

They have gone as far as to create a software program so that their ruthless people can spy on you and imprison you without a chance to have a lawyer. Now that I have used the word (terror), it will most certainly be screwed up in their minds to justify an attack, simply because it is a hateful thing to disagree with WAR! . You do understand, as much as you try to destroy me, another takes my place. Since my entire family fought for your freedoms, it baffles me as to why you want to take away mine. What a sorry state we have put ourselves into when people are afraid, or have been terrorized into believing, they must not use their beautiful minds to find peaceful solutions. War is quite simply, ridiculous, in a world that is better educated and connected than any other time since we crawled out of the caves.

Yes all my sleepy friends, people are now encouraged to strip away all the rights of other individuals or groups, and take us back to the caves, since reason has slipped away into space dust. There are untold numbers of people held prisoners in the United States now for speaking freely. In addition, slave labour has switched a little, from being black to being the working class poor. The United States of America the falling Empire, has become so full of hate, the world will wait a little longer for Peace. Now that you are awake, you may want to know that the new “Minority” Prime Minister in Canada Stephen Harper I believe he means well, I just do not believe he understands how he is destroying the great reputation Canada holds world-wide as a “Peaceful Nation”. Since Paul Martin and Anne McLellan already started the process of destroying our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Stephen is simply following their unlawful order to search and seize without cause. I can vouch for it since I spoke out against Paul Martin who followed his fellow dictator nearby, everything,, is being taken away from me.. (Paul and Anne, you are rightfully bad peole and it makes me happy you lost the election). After being called into the Deputy Prime Minster's office (Anne) over an article I wrote called Dear Paul Martin all hell broke loose for me. A quick estimate is that approximately 500 bureaucratics were told to attack and destroy my business and my life, right down to taking away my home.

In my heart I gave Stephen Harper a chance to show he may be a good leader by writing him several times, without one response. The new local MP is never available, to give a Canadian Citizen any time, unless it is a donation of money. (my family arrived in Canada in 1536, he was a friend and lieutenant to Jacques Cartier). These bureaucratics, who could not speak either of our two National Languages, wanted to make me prove I am a Canadian! That is policy put in place to tattoo us as was done in Auschwitz, put in place by the other dictator who ordered Paul Martin and company to do the same thing..

We now have dictators in three (3) countries once world famous for their Constitution, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill of Rights and Freedoms.

I realize you are still a bit sleepy, so take a few days and check out how the lies keep rolling daily, in fact by the hour from the all-mainstream media. It is pure hateful propaganda brought to us with the twisted tongue of their evil minds. Here is a great lie from Harper’s buddy Stockwell Day as he said in an interview, “Anybody who has seen my record knows I am a firm believer in and champion of individual rights, human rights and respect for those rights. And within that context you can still have safety and security within our country,” Really, when did this take place? I live in Alberta and remember every time Stockwell tormented and stomped all over us, when he was a top official in the government in this Province.

Greed in the richer nations still starves those who have no food, fresh water, and medicine with a person dying every few seconds. Media broadcasters put it to us another way but using distraction, by telling us we should be alarmed that one of the Banks has only earned 3 Billion during the last 3 months. We say “wow” as we continue to pay them nearly 30% on our credit cards and the government can ducks for cover, because the Banks never pay taxes. You are starting to see the picture? You got it right, the taxpayer who earns less than 30 thousand is audited, not the Banks or the pickpockets in our governments.

Then perhaps you might ask why our leaders have so much money for War, and no time for Peace.

Do you believe love is worth the peace it will bring?

“You say you’ll change the constitution,
Well you know
we all want to change your head,
You tell me it’s the institution,
Well you know
You better free your mind instead … John Lennon

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