Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can You Carry On?

Time after Time

Thank you to my friend half the planet away DannyT from the UK for the music for this show. Danny is that kind of person.

The message must go out now from you. Your music, your poetry and in the words you write. Dennis is going to be away for a little while as I no longer have my home. It took 500 civil servants and who knows how many taped phone calls more than 2 years to take my home away.

In late 2002 Dennis took it upon himself to gather up over a million Canadians and send a message to our "Leaders". No to Iraq! There was and never will be a reason for an invasion such as the one we saw live on blablevision. 2000 to 5000 lb bombs were being dropped all over the country and then the main target Baghdad.

The once great late night coffee shops blown to little pieces. The once paved streets littered with corpses and pieces of bodies. The once enchanting palms with the lights peering through them leveled. Baghdad was more than a city, it held claim for 6 or 7 thousand years as the cradle of civilization.

My show is going on the road and as always Dennis will do his best to keep in touch. For now "Good Night and Good Luck"....

The Show Must go On (Freedie said that)

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