Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts on War

It is unusual that war is glorified as a way to deal with each other. We live in a space in time when anyone can contact another person in minutes. Somehow many of our leaders, including the civilian population spend little or no time communicating with people in different countries.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons, that many people believe everything they see via television, xbox, ps2, nintendo, newspapers and magazines is reality.

I take a different approach to see if we are seeking war, or are we, truly seeking peace. A world where we can lay back and do what we want without having to be brought up as a killer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Letter to a Friend

From Dear Diary

Having kept a diary or journal since my 14th year I thought it may be a way to express some ideas with others. A section of my overall journals is called Dear Diary where I would address a thought or idea to a friend. It appeared to be a good idea while I was writing them although none of the letters were ever actually sent.

The complete journals to this date amount to over 5 million words. The original hand written books took several years to input onto the computer.

These video segments have no pretense of being made for Hollywood. They are made by a real person in different settings wherever I happen to be at the time. Learning what the camcorder is capable of doing is a fun experience. Sometimes the picture quality is great and the sound is off and then sometimes the picture quality really sucks.

I hope we can have some fun with this and it would be great to see video responses. Of course you are always welcome to leave a comment.

A short backgrounder for your information. I have been active in politics all of my life and very active in human/civil rights issues. Obviously I have been writing for many years in articles, books and Internet Websites.

After writing several articles that appeared in print and the Internet I came under attack by my government for opposing any action in Iraq. Before I realized what was happening there were almost 400 phone calls and over 500 letters to me from various government departments. Only three times did I ever meet someone face to face without a solid explanation as to why it was happening. It was brought to my attention once that I would be "wise" to cool down what I was writing or there could be consequences.

After three years of the attacks on me, these unknown person destroyed my reputation, my business and in the end took away my home.

I see the world from a very different point of view today and find the glorification of war appalling. I am tired, scared, sleepless, often hungry and on the move for almost 6 months for fear of my life. Call me "Sky Pilot" as it seems fitting for the times we live in.