Saturday, April 26, 2008

Climate Change and Nuclear Testing

We hear a lot about climate change in every form of media. Have you noticed that all of the Nuclear Testing was quickly dismissed as a problem?

The Hiroshima bomb was a very small one compared to the power of the newer, faster, greater and best kill ones today. Everyone of them was tested at some point along the way. The largest ever tested was 110 Megatons. The Hiroshima bomb was 22 Kilotons. In other words the biggest Nuclear Test was 5,000 times the size of Hiroshima.

In general classifications of bursts: air, high-altitude, underwater, underground, and surface bursts. Temperatures of a nuclear explosion reach those in the interior of the sun, about 100,000,000°.

Sent into the high stratosphere includes the Ozone Layer, which we were told was being destroyed by our underarm spray. Here is how it works in the Nuclear digests; 70% of the scientists believe that 30% of the Ozone Layer was destroyed by Nuclear testing, while the other 30% of the scientists believe that 70% was destroyed. Is anyone surprised that the ice is melting at higher altitudes and at the North and South poles of our planet?

The cows were blamed because they fart too much, humans for breathing and trees for dying. Yes, the furnaces of industry are causing a problem that we always called pollution. Not good for breathing and makes a mess of the water and just about everything.

This is what I found in a Nuclear Testing report written during the time when tests were being made almost every day. "Nitric oxides. These oxides are carried into the upper atmosphere, where they reduce the concentration of protective ozone depletion produce changes in the Earth's climate. This would allow more ultraviolet radiation from the Sun through the atmosphere to the surface of the Earth, where it could produce dangerous burns and a variety of potentially dangerous ecological effects..."

What does 5,000 tons of Nitric Oxide produced from every Megaton mean?
We are talking an estimated 2,000,000+ tons of this deadly substance in the higher atmosphere. It takes 1000s of years for it to disappear, although nobody knows for certain that it will ever disappear.

Plutonium 239 has a half-life of "24,400 years" so what does that mean? This particular poison is in our Water, Air and Ground forever.

It is easier for the media and the climate change groups to tell a lie, rather than tell the truth. All of the talks are a terrific joke when looked at through a simple childhood experience.

Was it not much easier for a parent to give us a slap in order to tell us we had done something wrong? We were too busy crying than ask the question "why did you do that to me?"

Here is a short 5 minute video that puts Nuclear Testing to the question. What did the 1000s of Nuclear Tests truthfully do to our planet? What you are hearing is an edited version of an actual Al Gore speech.

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  1. You are really good, and i believe totally right. I couldn't keep myself from laughing while reading, the way you reveal is so great.

    I had been writting something about nuclear bombs to my blog, which is in Turkish unfortunatelly, and i just realised that the damage they cost is not even mentioned!
    I gave a link to your blog and some other resources also to support my statement.
    Hope to hear something simply true from the media some day..