Monday, September 29, 2008

Canada Elections Part 3 - Calling all Canadians

A call to all Canadians to join in the discussion about our Election. The top political parties and media are leading us into a deep expensive trap. It is easy to talk about a "greener Canada" or makes promises for "better jobs" as they are doing. These same people gave Canadians the "opportunity" to serve coffee, serve donuts and serve food unsuitable for human consumption. All from out-of-country corporations who pay poverty wages with no benefits or even a day off. Go to a fast food outlet in Canada and you will see young children under 15 standing alongside seniors. It is sickening to let these major parties back into office in Ottawa.

They have built a giant wall of civil servants who make decisions without ever meeting a person in real life. Are you disabled? Prove it!! Do you require any extra medical care? Prove it!! Only the politicians and their civil service get the full benefits of our medical system through our tax dollars. We now have over 2 Million of this group collecting over $190,000,000,000.00 (that is 190 billion dollars) from the Canadian taxpayers with every benefit imaginable.

When a Canadian that is not a part of this exclusive club, faces a medical problem, the cost of the prescription is not affordable. The vast majority of Canadians gets the "we are sorry but your Blue Cross Plan does not cover that...". Universal Health Care in Canada is a complete "MYTH" for most Canadians. You can pay into an extra medical plan for life and be told that you are not covered for a prescription. These costs in one case, will cost a retired Mother over $1000.00 a month to keep her from going blind. She cannot afford the medication. In another case the prescription will cost nearly $500.00 dollars per month for a person living on $900.00 a month.

Canadians can send a message to this group of bandits by voting for anybody except the Liberals and Conservatives. A House of Commons filled with Independents and people from any other party, with a mandate to rid Canada of at least 30% of the civil service. Join us on YouTube as we make our views known. (Yahoo does not give any credence to Canadians so do not waste your time) We have no fear of these law breakers and criminals who accept envelopes of money. Yes it is a documented fact the former Prime Minister Mulroney accepted envelopes filled with cash. How many more never got caught, although he paid no cost, as he could afford to surround himself with highly paid lawyers.

Message from Tony

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