Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Canada Wake Up - Mother Murphy

I am begging Canadians to wake up, and look at the lies and deception, from the 4 major Federal Parties. Have Canadians gone to sleep? Have you become so wrapped up in yourself that you are brain dead?

Example. The Conservatives, Liberals and NDP have had many years to fulfill their promises. The newly formed Green Party is promising to take another big piece of your "net income". When did you give any politician the authority to take over 50% of your earnings? Everything you earn from January 1st until July 15 goes to pay taxes.

Are you aware that you have no right to Freedom of Speech? Are you aware that the CBC/CTV have censored you out of the political process? Are you aware that a few people own all the newspapers and magazines in Canada? This is censorship and deception at it's all time low!

All 4 major political parties are telling you they have "innovative new jobs". Really? Where are these jobs located? Why don't they want to tell the people how these jobs are going to be created? If they exist, why is the business community not providing them?

What are they hiding from Canadians? In response to hundreds of letters, they refuse to come out in the open, and debate. Debate with Canadians and not their deceptive "televised debates". Those "debates" are nothing more than more "questions" from the censored media.

This is a response from emails and phone calls as to why they are not visible on "video websites" such as YouTube.

"We have more innovative technologies available than YouTube or any other video website on the Internet..." WHERE?

YouTube has millions of Canadians on the website every day. Did you know you can watch videos from the world's most prominent people on YouTube? Did you know that there are Channels of freely available news from every country on the planet? Did you know that the CBC and CTV have no Channels available? Did you know that NONE of our political parties have Channels available, where a Canadian can write a response, or offer a video response? There are hundreds of Channels by Canadians open to you.

It is easy to see that some Channels for Canada are censored by party members. NONE of them will "approve" your response unless it agrees with them.

First Video is Mother Murphy from Nova Scotia. A senior citizen on an open Channel.

Election Canada 4 - More Taxes

Wake up Canada!!

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