Wednesday, November 26, 2008

World AIDS Day, December 1, 2008

PEPFAR and Warner Bros. Entertainment are proud to present the trailer for “Saving Lives reating Hope.” Developed through a public-private partnership between PEPFAR and Warner Bros., the engaging new trailer gives audiences a sneak peek of PEPFAR's “Saving Lives Creating Hope” documentary.

"Saving Lives Creating Hope" is an unforgettable tale of the human spirit: of bold leadership and the transformational power of partnerships in the fight against global AIDS. In the documentary, government, faith, community and private sector leaders from Haiti, Rwanda and Tanzania share inspiring stories of the impact of PEPFAR.

Today, in partnership with the American people, leaders around the world are saving the lives of their countrymen and women. They are creating hope for a brighter future for millions. They are helping to turn the tide of the pandemic.

Just five years ago, many wondered whether prevention, treatment and care could ever successfully be provided in resource-limited settings where HIV was a death sentence.

President George W. Bush led the American people and the world to act with PEPFAR - a five-year, comprehensive approach to fighting HIV/AIDS around the world. It is a commitment based in hope and faith in the courageous leaders in nations devastated by HIV/AIDS.

Here is a link to the 15 minute documentary.

Sexual Exploitation of Children

Nearly 3,000 participants from over 125 countries are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to exchange lessons and experiences in the fight against child sexual exploitation, review progress, and reinforce commitments.

“Sexual exploitation leaves children with psychological and at times physical scars, and diminishes their hopes of leading a life of dignity,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman. “No country or region is immune, and there are no innocent bystanders.” Sexual exploitation is a violation of a child’s right to care and protection. The Congress will look at various types of sexual exploitation of children, including sexual exploitation in the family, child marriage, sexual exploitation of child domestic laborers, the commercial sex industry, as well as child pornography and sexual exploitation of children in cyber space.

Predators continue to use new tools to target children, including cyber space and new generation mobile phone technologies, and adults can prey on children in chat rooms and use the internet to post or download pornography.

Seven years after the last World Congress in Yokohama, Japan in 2001, which focused exclusively on commercial sexual exploitation of children, the Brazil Congress will also discuss strategies for combating non-commercial forms of child sexual exploitation, including the sexual exploitation of children in their homes, by religious leaders, by teachers, by peacekeepers and by armed groups in war zones.

“Sexual exploitation is the ultimate abuse of power,” said Veneman. “A couple of years ago, I met a 16-year-old girl in Rwanda who asked me a very direct question; ‘What are you going to do to stop the rapes?’ It is a question that we must answer collectively and with a renewed sense or urgency.”

Note to reviewer(s) about this post. Someone has their head screwed on backwards to report this as a violation 15 years after it was posted. I did not write it but published it as a public service bulletin from UNICEF. I do whatever I can to stop the sexual exploitation of children. Your can the final PDF at 


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dealing with Crime Gangs

Although the video presented here deals with Canada, it can be applied to any country. The "gangs" of criminals are committing many acts of violence against people and property. It seldom makes any headline news although it is apparent when checking local newspapers. One local paper actually puts a map on page 3 every week of recent gang activity. People being murdered, property break ins going sky high with beatings added for good measure.

In every country that has some democratic values there is usually some protection of the individual included. It may be in some way a right to live in a peaceful and healthy manner as we imagine in a democracy. While our law enforcement is attempting to do their work, they are constantly hammered by the judicial system. Perhaps the difficulty with these gangs is in the way they are being handled. Could our political leaders, look at putting in place "national laws" that turn the tables, so that the gangs are dealt with more severely? Instead of slapping them on the hands and putting them back on the street let's put them some place less comfortable. Our Constitutions/Charters say that an "enemy" will not be tolerated, whether internal or external.

It is time to take on the "gangs" that cause so much of the violence and death in our democratic countries. Their continued "Criminal acts" are intended or calculated to provoke a state of fear in the general public. These acts of violence are created by a group of persons in order to reduce the freedom of the citizens of a country. Let's reduce their freedom and cause the gangs a lot of fear.