Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaza Massacre - Jan. 16, 2009

Israel has and is breaking every International Law with Crimes Against Humanity. Snooze Media is not letting you see both sides of this horrific bloody massacre.  The New York Times this morning, spent 1 paragraph about the bombing of the United Nations food supply depot, and another 10 paragraphs going on about Hamas. That is sleazy writing and would never be called journalism.

Top TV “Snooze” stories on both Canadian TV Networks were as following.

CBC – Top Story – Some geese caused a plane to crash lasted 7 minutes.

CTV – Top Story – An apartment building caught fire in Montreal where nobody was hurt. Craig Oliver then tried for several minutes to remember why the TV camera was pointing at him. Both Networks spent 1 Minute and 30 Seconds on the bloody massacre in Gaza. Both had “experts” on from Israel that went on for 5 minutes about some Israeli’s having their 3rd meal of the day being interrupted.

After checking several U.S. media outlets none of them mentioned the U.S. approved blockade over the past 2 years. One went as far as to say that the people in Gaza could always leave.

All border crossings are completely closed, there is a 20 foot wall around the Gaza strip built with U.S. taxpayer dollars and the area bordering the sea is being bombarded by U.S. paid Israeli warships.  U.S. F-16s, U.S. Apache helicopters, U.S. ammunition, U.S. tank ammunition and U.S. supplied Phosphorus chemical weapons are never mentioned.

All photos from Sameh A. Habeeb a journalist in Gaza with permission.

Canada is also culpable as it voted against the Human Rights Resolution on Gaza at the U.N. Any nation that voted for the resolution is not off the hook if they do nothing to stop this massacre effecting 800,000 children.

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