Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 20 Censored Stories for 2008

1.Over One Million Iraqi deaths Caused by United States
2.900,000,000 people now Starving world wide
2 Democracy in Canada collapses
3 Google's heavy handed Censorship of the Internet
4 Seizing War Protesters’ Assets World Wide
5 Fraud, Torture and Human Trafficking
6 Mainstreaming of Nuclear Power as Green Energy
7 Cirrus Radio TV ADs turn to Kiddy Porn
8 ISP Providers Censor the Internet
9 Palestine
10 The sell out of YouTube
11 UN’s Empty Declaration of Indigenous Rights
12 Working Class Slavery
13 Small Farms on Extinction list
14 Microsoft Live free public Communication
15 Guilty without trial laws in Canada
16 The Economy of Russia
17 Religious Fraud based Intolerance
18 Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Care
19 The failure of Free Trade Agreements
20 Media control

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