Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gaza - Genocide of the People - Feb 2009

Starvation being brought on by Israel refusing to allow shipments of food, medicine, water, school books, paper or any repair material for sewers. We are witnessing the Israeli slaughter of 1.75 million people and none of the world leaders are willing to speak out against the genocide.

Sleaze media refuses to tell the truth of this 60 year long struggle since the Palestinians had their land stolen and homes demolished. They now live in poverty and Israel is making the move to starve them to death.

Please try to understand that 900,000 people in Gaza need food aids alone. With the supply being cut off by Israel 30,000 a day get food. Imagine standing in a line waiting all day for a small amount of food. In other words try going to your favortie eating place and waiting all day for your food. Where are the world leaders?

Boycott all products that have the label "Made in Israel".

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