Monday, February 16, 2009

Get on Board the Convoy

Your sleaze media will never show what has happened in Gaza and to the Palestinian people. All you will hear them say over and over again, is that the genocide being committed by Israel, is the fault of Hamas. They will forget to tell you, that before Hamas was democratically elected, the border crossings to bring food and supplies into Gaza had been closed.

The Jews of Israel and the Jews in the United States shut down those border crossings in January 2005.

Hamas was elected in mid 2006.

It would take many pages to try to explain to you, the reader, how and when this started. You can do a little research for yourself on the Internet to get the facts. Do it soon though because Google in particular, along with Yahoo, are deleting the information and not publishing websites that do explain the details.

Every time anyone tries to explain what is going on the Jews immediately pull out their “trump card” of the holocaust. Then everyone who does try to give people the facts are labeled as anti-Semitic.

Keep in mind that all of the western media is controlled by 7 to 9 people who own every form of media. The same people own the TV networks, magazines, newspapers and radio stations etc.

The simplest way to explain it is to give you an example.

Imagine that wherever you are currently living and have built up friendships and a home is suddenly taken away. Not by a person down the road or some big corporation but by 1000s of people from another place in the world. They just arrive and take away your homes, land and tell you to move out or you will be killed. It would make you very unhappy when you are told to leave without any compensation or reason other than they are claiming your land etc to be theirs.

To top it all off they make sure that once you build somewhere else, they construct a 25 foot walls, around your former settlement. You now need their permission to cross the border into another walled in neighborhood where some of your family and friends are living. Sorry you are not allowed to grow any food so you depend on convoys of trucks to get food, water, medicine and other goods to you. The crossings are closed for months at a time. Your electricity can be cut off at their will, and nobody anywhere, cares about your situation. Nobody knows because the sleaze media does not tell the world the truth. You are blamed.

You might get angry.

The Apartheid Wall

A photo of the Wall in which you are imprisoned.

In order to ensure that you behave, another country far away, supplies the occupiers with highly sophisticated weapons. Whenever the people who have you walled into this prison want you are hit at random with missiles, chemical weapons and tank fire. The next photo gives you an idea of what is thrown at you.


Keep in mind that you have no place to hide or run to since you are surviving within the walls. Your children are massacred and the outside world does not see any pictures and you are filled with grief and sorrow.


Finally, the word reaches the outside world by a few real journalists and not entertainment baboons.

Here is what happened to one of those walled in prisons recently

The Massacre – Part 1

The Massacre – Part 2

The Massacre – Part 3

The Massacre – Part 4

Then you get word that a group of people have a convoy on their way. You are hopeful knowing that their journey to you could be stopped at the walled border crossing.

You wish that the world would know that help is on the way. Sleaze media owners are not letting anyone know that you are hungry, you are thirsty, you have no medicine, your rights have been violated, your children are dying and yet, you are hopeful.

We are on our way to you because we see a wrong and want to make it right.

Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth…” Corinthians 13:6

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