Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Day Tzipi Livni

Is it all that complicated Tzipi Livini my friend or has that gang shouted us down again?

Seems every time we make a little traction forward there is a force that shoves us back to the line. The cons keep telling us that they are the voice of the people while the liberal voice remains quiet. In fact their voices remind me of the teacher scratching their finger nails across the chalkboard. (For those who have no idea what a chalkboard is go to your highly edited and censored wiki to seek an answer)

Tzipi the cons have only one solution to bring to the people everywhere. We know after many millennia spent killing that their solution will never work on behalf of the people. Far too many people around our only inhabitable planet look at life as though it were a video game. It is now highlighted as a “reality” show for them so as not to confuse it with real life. Some call it “virtual reality” as if there is some magical place to live other than their own bodies.

The “right is might” gang almost accomplished a victory with their 22 more days of attacks on the people in Gaza. We cannot say how it happened, only we can say, they are falling all over each other in their quest of power. Anyone who has played a game of chess knows that such a strategy fails.

The liberal voice has to come to your side Tzipi and be vocal. There is a voice of reasonable people that the big media will never allow in their domains. It will take a big effort for the more liberal voices to put their ego aside for the betterment of everyone. This is the challenge we face today all over the planet.

A vision is lost once it becomes all about the ego trippers instead of the vision. It is up to us Tzipi to state very clearly the vision that will bring everyone to the table. When did our capacity to listen to others go out of style? In the real world does slapping someone on the face make them less comfortable speaking to us?

In your role as Foreign Minister you travelled and spoke to people in many countries. Remember my dear, those articles that said you would be a terrific PM, were written from the heart. They were written sincerely while watching and reading as you travelled and spoke.

Go to the time you spoke to the young people at the mini United Nations Conference. That was one of your better visions of a better, safer and more secure world.

The nose is keen now as it smells the stench of death coming from the big media owners. Ego is now in full control as our eyes can envision and our ears can hear.

Those who send out a message of hate have forgotten they are a mere speck of sand on the beach.

Let us be the ones who shout down those who would have us live in fear of one another.

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