Sunday, March 29, 2009

Notes from the War Zone

The first note needed is my sincerest apology to those who had their life effected by association with me. To you I offer my deepest apology. It was never my intention to bring any kind of harm into your lives.

I was taught by some fascinating people from around the world while in College. They had worked in many industries, in many countries, before they entered the educational system. Their wisdom, intelligence and keen perspective came from India, Australia, England, France, Germany and Italy to name a few.

It was a part of a Canadian experiment to bring people into the educational system that actually worked in industry. They brought with them, along with their own education. a brilliant perspective by having travelled the world. Over the 3 years I was in College none of my instructors were purely academic in the sense that they poured out their knowledge, from a textbook.

We were taught to question anyone in the government on a policy to which they adhered.We were taught to ask questions of the media on any reported news. We were taught the fundamentals of a democratic system while given all the known information about communism and socialism. Our minds were taught to remain open and seek out missing pieces on almost any topic. In my 3rd year I had a major battle with the instructor of political science. It was his way or the highway and obvious to most that he had a tarnished opinion on the capitalist and/or democratic system.

The experiment would be replaced with one of purely academic instructors in the coming years. They had written many books, without ever having experienced the working world, or traveled it.

Exception can be the Rule of the Measurement.

Since my first big love was the broadcasting industry that is the path I choose to follow. The political system plays a big part in that industry, almost to the point, where the two are indistinguishable.
During the time period up to the 1980s it was unheard of to have one person or corporation owning more than a few dozen broadcasting platforms. One corporation that I worked in owned 29 radio and television stations covering Ontario eastward. That company was the biggest one at the time.
This kind of media created a diverse look into the world for the viewers and listeners. In one case I wrote articles for three different publications in the same city. Three different publications owned by 3 separate people in the same city. (an article about music with another about entertainment and one political commentary)

We had to research our material before we wrote it down or opened up a microphone to the public. In other words it was necessary, to be as close to accurate, in order to create something that was thought provoking. It gave our audience the opportunity to share many viewpoints without creating fear of an unknown “boogie man”.

After coming this far in life I can now assure you that I am not one of the bad guys. In the short time that I still have remaining , I will do my best, to explain how the balance of supply and demand went wrong. It is this supply and demand principle that is the major pillar in our democratic system.
This series of articles opening welcomes your input.

Here is a piece of the puzzle that will be written on in this series. Having worked and traveled in an open way there are no borders from my perspective.

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