Friday, May 15, 2009

Nuclear Power for Alberta, Canada?

There is very little public input on this new plan from the Province of Alberta. There could be if people want to take the time to go to the Alberta Government website and download the forms to fill out.

Current research shows that there are billions of dollars in costs and many years of work to bring one of these polluters online.

In a Province that has some of the brightest minds a person has to wonder why they have not looked at solar power. The cost would be around 40% of the cost of nuclear and there is no environmental damage.

The south eastern section of Alberta gets more sunshine than any place else in Canada. Why is the Alberta Government so intent on doing something that is so 20th Century when they have the money and the people to do something innovative?

There would be the creation of Canadian jobs with Canadian investment and power for millions of Canadians. Let’s just make sure that under NAFTA Canada does not have to give this clean power away to the United States for pennies.

Do a search on Internet for “solar energy 2009”. You will be surprised at how many countries are now getting into solar power.


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