Tuesday, July 27, 2010

War on Terror - Part 1 - Noam Chomsky

War on Terror - Part 1 - Noam Chomsky

Why do our Governments hide behind walls during their G8, G20 etc. meetings? Are they no longer responsible to the people who voted for them? Why are these elected officials constantly telling a lie when the truth would get the citizens involved?

How did it happen that our rights and liberties were so easy taken from us? Declare a War on a word that has no army, no headquarters, a scattered unseen organization and call it Terror. Governments with unseen policing system can declare a person guilty without due process of the law. Our home and all our possessions can be taken away by a Banking System backed by corrupt Governments, IMF and WTO.

Phone calls are monitored and emails read without our knowledge. The propaganda is saying we are not in a depression while most of us see that our money is becoming "worth less" daily. We are told to take the lowest paying degrading jobs while the Corporations post billion dollar earnings. The same Corporations that pay the lowest possible wage without any benefits or guaranteed hours of work per week. Why do our Governments award huge wages, days off, benefits and pensions to nameless faces that sit in judgment of us from their bureaucratic offices?

Our Governments give Billions of Dollars in corporate welfare and forget our own less fortunate citizens. Wars are declared on Countries with Corporations waiting to benefit while our sons and daughters are sent to die. Are we willing to stand up and say enough is enough?

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Listen to these words from Noam Chomsky broadcast in March 2002.

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