Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obama Get Your Paws off Julian Assange

Do you remember being lied to by big media and government officials that Iraq was a threat? Try to remember the lies, by the minute, committed by people in elected offices in many countries.

Then look at the people telling the lies, and the people such as Rupert Murdoch, who used his media to purchase a war story. The NATO allies of the United States are still in Afghanistan fighting a useless war with no victory in sight. Over 1 million dead and an entire nation in ruins due to the reckless meanderings of an unelected President of the United States.

Today the same man, Bush Jr., wanders about talking about torture as though it is a candy.

How can any sane person look at Iraq and say that destroying a people and their nation is a worthy cause? Wait a minute, the same nut case Bush Jr., said they were a part of an axis of evil. The exact same media, owned mostly by Murdoch, played the story every minute until people started believing Iraq was doing something.

We count dead soldiers into the thousands yet the media rarely mentions the millions of dead civilians. Big media repeats the endless lies that the situation is getting better for the people of Iraq. How is it possible that countless bombs, tanks and munitions makes life better for anyone?

Today there are video games to enhance an otherwise boring life with vivid color of death and destruction. It is all so entertaining unless it happens to us.

Suddenly it is not so funny because we may have known someone in those buildings. It may have been a spouse, child, aunt, uncle, a friend or a friend of a friend.

Since 2002 big media showed us very little real action about the wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan and now Yemen. The armed forces coming home dead were not talked about by almost anyone or shown on television. Wounded forces by the thousands were shuttled away out of sight into oblivion.

Do you remember what Scott Ritter, the U.N. weapons inspector, said about Iraq?

Let's refresh our memory with this video.

Is anyone a little interested as to why the economy has dropped into a depression? Big media still calls it a recession or the double-dip recession for their own selfish reasons. Trillions of dollars have gone to pay for all these wars with people, who in fact, did nothing to us. Keep in mind that the so called hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and that Bin Laden comes from a very wealthy Saudi family. Rather than attack Saudi Arabia, the media and government officials taught us how to fire a gun, the way Dick Cheney does.

Here is it December 2010 and the biggest media giants continue to tell lies about the wars and corruption. However, a slight change is taking place, due to a few soldiers and a group called WikiLeaks founded by Julian Assange. It started earlier this year with the first disclosures from WikiLeaks.

As the truth about the bankers, and huge corporate welfare bums began to show during this year, so to did the truth about the wars. The real reason behind the attacks on Julian Assange is that the lies are showing us who did the lying. We are getting to see the horror of those wars and the extent to which governments are covering up the myths. Murdoch and his media empire are beginning to feel the pinch as people search for the leaked documents.

The documents are naming names of those responsible for the numbers of unemployed, homeless due to bankers fraud, military spending and hidden bribes. Canadian minority Government leader PM Harper let his adviser openly called for the murder of Julian Assange.

Every day the documents are opening our eyes to the extent of absolute power in full corruption. Show your support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in whatever way you can find possible. We must hold our Governments, the profiting Corporations, big Media and Bankers responsible for every lie. They had no problem throwing us on the street, destroying our jobs, our families, wiping out our bank accounts along with our freedoms.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will remain in custody until at least December 14th, when a British court will take up a Swedish request for extradition. Assange has not been charged with a crime but is wanted for questioning in Sweden on allegations of unlawful sexual contact with two women. Assange has maintained his innocence and called the case a political witch-hunt that has intensified with WikiLeaks release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables. Amy Goodman speaks with his attorney, Jennifer Robinson.