Thursday, May 26, 2011

President of the U.S.A. Netanyahu

President Netanyahu and AIPAC

Netanyahu showed the world who runs the United States with his merry band at AIPAC in full control. The elected Senators and Congress gave him ovation after ovation while he told them what to do with Palestine. Relentless in rhetoric, while low in factual content, Netanyahu did everything except bang his shoe on the podium while giving them their orders. There was no mention of the continued part they play in the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. The puppets, including lap dog Obama, sat in awe and wonder while their boss demanded faithful support that included lots of money and more weapons to destroy every Palestinian. It worked for Afghanistan and Iraq so well, the puppets want more wars while the Zionists masters, sit quietly in their homes.

While always referring to books written by the early community of Judaism is a sure fired method of making a statement. The Zionist government of Israel never mentions that they have nothing to do with those early writings. Every aspect of the plan to wipe Palestine from the eye of the world is used with endless scripted lies. It is all too simple to pick any book and use selected phrases, out of context, as a point of reference.

Palestinians and Jews lived side by side as neighbors, on the land now claimed as entirely Israeli, by the Zionist regime. Today it is a land of luxury on one side, with many 20 foot separation walls, keeping the people of Palestine in open concentration camps. Not one item gets into those concentration camps without approval of the Zionist government of Israel backed by the puppets in Washington, D.C.

The only picture that comes to mind is the Berlin Wall built by the former Communist government of the old U.S.S.R. We remember the famous words of the last President of the United States John F. Kennedy ‘I am a Berliner’. His assassination spelled out the end of the Republic and the beginning of Zionist run America. The Zionist were then handed the Nuclear bomb, in secret, as they began to pull the strings that make the Senate and Congress dance to the tune of Israeli propaganda.

We, who live in countries that support the actions against the people of Palestine should be ashamed. The former Soviet government was painted as nasty and cruel while massively armed with enough Nuclear fire power to wipe life from the planet. TV and radio was cluttered with stories, mostly propaganda, about the leaders of the former Soviet Union. Most of the world stood with the people of Berlin and President Kennedy.

We Became Berliners

In the world of today, much the same as then, most of the world sides with the people of Palestine. We still believe in justice and the law, nationally and internationally, as a means for peace. Palestine has every right to exist as an independent State, alongside its neighboring State of Israel, at the United Nations.

The nations of the world agreed on this many years ago by passing Resolution 242 in November, 1967. The first link is a short version of the Resolution and this link is the full version of Resolution 242 as a PDF.

A lie told often enough by mainstream media to mindless and uneducated people sometimes becomes a pseudo truism. The endless 24 x 7 channels of TV, play their version, while they are re-writing historical facts. It is mind blowing in this world of instant communication how fast horrifying events are pushed aside.

Today We are Palestinians

To the honest people of Israel we implore you to obey the law. Your list of friends has rapidly shrunk to America, Canada, Australia and England. The Zionist lobbyists in Canada along with a moron PM Harper banned George Galloway from entering Canada. As a country that follows the law George Galloway found the law on his side and came to Canada at a later date.

As the death toll continues to rise, in wars that Zionist owned media create, we are hopeful that peace will arrive soon. People are beginning to ask why their children are being sacrificed for Israel while you continue to destroy Palestinians. As the Zionists attempt to crush our freedoms whenever and wherever possible it is noted. Your propaganda machine has failed and the face good people see is ugly, wicked and distorted.

Your attempts to rewrite history such as those in World War II was another terrible mistake. We did not go to War with the Nazi Regime to free you from the death camps where the opponents of Nazi dogma were placed. Our families fought for our freedom, not yours, at a high cost of nearly 100,000,000 dead for that freedom. Entire cities and nations were destroyed in many places around the world. Israel did not exist, and you were mere victims, of a horrific dictator and his minions. Your loss of six million will never replace the loss of our families many of whom still lay buried in other countries. You have become what you supposedly hated, a dictator, far more viscous than your Nazi counterpart.

Obey the international laws that govern people of good character by returning to your borders as defined by U.N. Resolution 242. Conditions in advance are not acceptable as you have no right to make lawful demands from anyone. A country that should never have been created was created, because nobody wanted you, after World War II. All of your Arab neighbors gave you an Initiative for Peace in 2002 that you immediately tossed in the garbage. Perhaps after Zionists took over the government of America you forgot how to negotiate.

Unlike World War II, do you have the fortitude to rise up for peace, or are you really the cowards, that could not face those who opposed us. The Zionists showed us that your cowardice remains, when you fired five bullets into an unarmed 19 year-old, aboard the Gaza Convoy in 2010.

Look at yourselves and weep, for there are no roses in the gardens that Jews and Arabs so proudly kept, until you arrived.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Canadians Gone Wild

Yes I am aware that the title sounds similar to the porn videos Girls Gone Wild. Was simply trying a poor attempt at getting anyone’s attention directed towards Canada. It is that big huge land mass that sits on top of the United States with little more than 34 million residents nesting along the border. Somehow the U.S. became America and the remainder of North America lives without a name in the media.

Here is a map of planet Earth I borrowed from the U.S. Senate showing Canada on top.

The fact is that it does Canada a lot of good to never get mentioned in the media. It lets Canada get away with a lot of facts and events that are done without anyone knowing. Canada is involved in wars along side the United States and they always get the blame for every little thing that happens. It is such a big secret that a story released recently had Canadians ranting and raving about Iraq. Too anyone paying attention to what our politicians are doing most of us found it odd that it was released 10 years after the fact. Canada had special operations forces in Iraq before George Bush ordered the preemptive attack.

It made me wonder if Canadians know that we have over 3000 armed forces in Afghanistan. My fellow Canadians are so entrenched in the 900 channels of television that come from the U.S. they forgot how to vote. The “War Room” in Canada is about politicians and Parliament and perhaps that is way they are so confused. At the moment I am using a few links directed at our national, taxpayer funded, CBC broadcaster, which some of us call the Calgary Bubblegum Corporation. There are only two other television networks in Canada the CTV and Global TV. The front page of CTV, a Bell owned network, is covered with TV programs from the United States as well as Global now owned by Shaw Media.

I cannot leave the subject of war without telling you another secret. Canada hides behind NATO which for the most part is largely run by the United States and Britain. When I tried to put a link to the main NATO website the message said “not found”. However we always count on Facebook to have something to say about everything including NATO. After quickly scanning over the photos there is one photo of a Canadian frigate. Whoever put up the page does not know that Canada has an Armed Forces and F-18s in Libya. We do love the Net due to the many places a person can find information without using the ultra biased Wikipedia.
The Dark Side

Tom mentions in the video that Canada used to be a British colony. In fact it remains a British colony with its own Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No politician, member of the Judicial system or member of the Armed Forces can do so without taking the following Oath of Allegiance.

"I, ....., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors."

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy that is also a Parliamentary Democracy and a Federation. The Chief of State: Queen ELIZABETH II (since 6 February 1952); represented by a Governor General. She is also the Commander in Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. Those who want her as our Monarch will always say that it is in name only as the Queen of Canada. As a Canadian I want her photo and emblems removed from every place it now exists in Canada. I also want our politicians to swear an Oath of Allegiance to Canada, Canadians and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms so they can be held accountable for every piece of legislation.

We might be able to do something about issues that concern most Canadians. Here are a few of them. Canada has a labor Force of 18.59 Million with 8% of that number unemployed. The other group that may astonish some is the number of Canadians below the poverty line. Although Canada has no official policy on poverty it is described as those below the Low Income Cut Off. That line of $9,000.00 is set by the number of Canadians that do not earn enough money to pay any Income Tax. Currently there is 9.4% of the labor force that falls below that income threshold. The number of under-employed is not available and most of us with an economic background believe it is close to 10%. The number of close to 30% is tragic and due to the selling off and closing of manufacturing operations in Canada. The NAFTA treaty between Canada and the United States that later included Mexico back fired when good paying jobs left North America.

The claim of 40 million jobs includes jobs that keep a person working a 15 hour week at $8.00 per hour. Fast food outlets are considered employment at these survival wages without any benefits. I must bow my head in shame in order to tell you that I managed a large multi-national store with earnings in the billions of dollars per year. Staff were paid between 8 and 10 dollars per hour and we could not allow anyone to work more than 24 hours per week. In the entire store there was not one item made in Canada. Items purchased at a cost of 3 cents were sold at 3 to 4 dollars each allowing the billionaire owners a life of luxury and very low taxation.

Try living on an income of $900.00 a month with your rent taking up $600.00 followed by your cost of electricity at $60.00. Close to 5 million Canadians from the labor force do it every day while our politicians hand out billions of dollars to their corporate friends. At this point the families have not been included in the numbers.

Good paying jobs can be created in Canada although I have my doubts that any politician does anything for Canadians. A few examples of what could be done over the coming decades to create real jobs that have a future.

Canada is one of the top polluters in the world if not the very top. We dump over 1.6 trillion liters of raw or partly treated sewage into the waterways and into the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Our forests in all areas are devastated by deforestation and the pine beetle. Rapid transit barely exists in the urban areas which encourages people to use their vehicles. Solar energy is the next generation of fuel for the planet and Canada continues to use coal as electricity consumption increases.