Friday, August 21, 2015

Honesty is the Best Policy

Another federal election called by Stephen Harper is upon us in Canada.

In order for me to write about the issues let me disclose the following. I have no hidden agenda. Anything I say is done in my name and therefore my responsibility. I do not belong to any political party nor am I affiliated with any of them. I do not financially support any of the political parties. Over the decades, as a commercial producer, I did work for the Liberal Party, the original Conservative Party and the New Democratic Party. It was strictly a matter of producing commercials to be aired Federally or Provincially.

Further, I do not belong to any environmental group or organization, nor do I support any of them financially.

As far as other groups world wide I belong to one, The Jewish Voice for Peace, an open association of activists. Give what I can financially once a year. I am certain the association will continue despite my twenty-five to thirty dollar contribution.

During my early years in college I also began working in radio.

A few decades ago there were live people doing everything that needed to get done. We researched music and news stories for background information before they were broadcast. It made college life fun while studying broadcast communications, business accounting and economics.

The Province of Ontario was experimenting with education, as the government opened colleges, across the Province. Professors or Instructors were required to have 20-30 years work experience in their related fields before they were hired. This gave us more than a purely academic viewpoint. Mixed with their field experience, we learned to look at subject areas with an open mind approach, as opposed to one from a close minded textbook.

My purpose is to give you a sincere look at the landscape of Canada as we move towards voting on October 19, 2015. There are many topics: environment, economics, taxation, veterans, wars, justice, human rights, healthcare, poverty, women's equality, first nations, NATO, terrorism acts, privacy and international agreements to discuss.

First and most important.. Are you registered to vote in this election? Here is where you can register and find out if your are registered.