Friday, October 16, 2015

Canadian Environment - Election 2015

Canadians vote on Monday, October 13. 2015

During a short discussion with a Conservative she stated: "What does it matter how the world sees Canada" My response was simple. "Do you see any Canadian connectivity with the world?" End of discussion.

Canada is Connected to every Person on the Planet

Where was the debate about Canada's contribution to world-wide pollution?

A major environmental shift is underway and will likely cause a much shorter lifespan for humans on planet. Some call it climate change or global warming. Others, much wiser, look at it as a shift in the environment between a livable and non-livable habitat.

The Green Party has a narrow view. They pick on one industry while skipping over their own backyard. It is a common thread now to blame someone else while tossing your trash in the Oceans. The Green Party get excited about electric cars and using a bicycle in Vancouver. It is a common delusion, without a minute of thought, as to where and how the electricity is generated.Here are two charts for the Green Party supporters


Blue - Hydro Electric, Pink - Natural Gas, Orange - Diesel

What the map conveniently does not include is shown in the next chart. British Columbia imports of electricity in a deficit. Under the Columbia Basin Treaty the US supplies free nuclear powered electricity to British Columbia.


Canadians consume massive amounts of oil and gas. Your electricity for the most part comes from coal and diesel generating power plants. Ontario is using Nuclear Power while Quebec uses Hydro. Our Maritime Provinces use imported oil. Ontario wants to bury its Nuclear Waste 1 km. from the Great Lakes.

Our larger cities seek billions to expand public transit systems used by a small part of the population. Roads and highways are constantly under construction. The newest insane plan involves spending 100s of millions on bicycle lanes in our ever so warm winter climate.

Big oil companies, most of them US owned, were allowed to create the oil sands project in Alberta. The former Conservative government of Alberta placed little or no restrictions on the clean up process. Newly elected Premiere Rachel Notley has 40 years of Conservative neglect on her governments hands.

Let's get to the point on how Canada is connected to the world

Canada gives the air a toxic aroma,

Canada daily dumps trillions of liters raw sewage into the rivers and oceans,

Canada pollutes the land and aquifers with hydraulic fracturing chemicals,

Canada uses vehicles that consume ever-increasing amounts of fuel tossing the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,

Canada for the last 10 years, under Harper's Conservatives, used 30% of our food grain to create bio-fuel.

Canada, under the Conservatives, sold the Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia, putting independent Canadian farmers at risk of collapse.

All life on the planet is connected

Five years ago Russia invited Canada to a meeting to open discussions about the Arctic Ocean. Harper and the Conservatives refused the invitation. Our two countries border on 80% of the Arctic Ocean. Of course, not to be outdone, Justin Trudeau recently said he would slap the President of the Russian Federation's face. That would be a wise move at the beginning of talks for an Arctic Treaty. The United States has overblown their importance about the Arctic since their tiny sliver barely hits 2% of the Arctic boundaries.

Everything we do in Canada does affect the world and Canadians. As an environment caretaker we are rated near the bottom. The education system in Canada fell from the top 5 to 69th since Harper's Conservatives took office. Scientists were silenced by Harper about the same time he burned Canada's scientific libraries.

When will Canada step up as a World Leader to Clean up the Environment?

What I am about to suggest is done with the greatest amount of sincerity. To those willing to vote for the Green Party please reconsider your vote. In many ridings your vote will let the Conservatives slip up the middle and win the seat. Look up the stats on the Elections Canada website. It happened in over 20 ridings. Consider what Canadians did to Brian Mulroney by leaving the Conservatives with 2 seats in Parliament.

Your turn will come after we have ensured a total defeat of Harper and his Conservatives on October 19, 2015. Where you know there is a high possibility of a Green Party win make it happen. You already have official party status in the House of Commons.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canadian Voters vs Pollsters

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

To every Canadian knocking on doors for your local candidate you are a symbol of democracy in action. The weathers is good leaving room for other Canadians to join you. As of this writing there are 10 days to offer help in your local riding to the candidate of your choice. Volunteering is a well founded Canadian trait so use your time locally.

Tired of being told what the pollsters have to say almost daily?

Consider the fact polls are from a small selected group of under 1500 Canadians out of 35 million. All are selected from a screened list by the company or organization releasing the polling numbers. Look at the polls, if you must, realizing you are being manipulated. It is a clever scheme used to discourage Canadians from voting. During the 2011 election 10 million Canadians chose to stay at home. 14.8 voters of a possible 24.2 million found their way to a polling station to vote.

For me it is much easier because I stopped watching television in 2003 when the US began an illegal war against Iraq. I see the uncensored Internet by staying clear of Google. Every time a person says Google it my mind says thank you for believing Google's propaganda. Two days ago, I opened up another browser, to see what you see when using Google. It was a nightmare, akin to the pollsters presenting a selected list, encouraging Canadians to blindly go into the dark.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple Oscar Wilde

In our Parliamentary democracy we have one opportunity, during a national election, to determine who will represent us in Ottawa. The majority of elected representatives from a political party form the government for another 4 years. We have no direct vote for the party leader. The party leader must win in a local riding to become Prime Minister of Canada. Stephen and the Conservatives are holding office based on a 61% voter turnout in 2011. A flaw in our system of voting gave them the job with 34% of the total votes.

Reject Stephen Harper and the Conservatives

Stephen and his Conservatives have had over 8 years to govern. The trail of corruption and deceit is longer than every government since the Confederation of Canada. The short collection, to back up Stephen and the Conservative contempt, of Parliament and Canadians.

An open Facebook profile 78 Days 78 Reasons to Remove Harper and Conservatives

Short video London Rally of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament 2010

Reader funded media The Tyee have many excellent articles with various points of view. The Tyee also has a list of 70 Conservative abuses of power, created by Canadians.

How the Youth Vote can change Canada by Rick Mercer

Note to those using social media networking websites. Ignore the Conservative distraction about what clothing Canadians can or should wear. Some of our Canadian media are using the topic to avoid honest discussion during this election. Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms along with being a signer of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

Are You Ready to Vote?

Harper and the Conservatives are holding office based on a 61% voter turnout in 2011. A flaw in our system of voting gave them the job with 34% of the total votes. We can change who governs Canada in Parliament, by concentrating on the political party, that would or could do the work required. Think of the election campaign as a job interview. Who would you hire?

Find your Polling Station at Elections Canada by entering your postal code.

Voting offices are available at Colleges or Universities. App for Android and App for Mac.

Website for Youth vote. Our creativity and energy is vital at this moment in Canadian history. We will no longer be marginalized.

Please vote.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Will publish article about Canada's environmental impact in two or three parts.