Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Are You Happy Snuggling with a Capitalist Corpse?

We have the best, we are the best, we are the west, we enslave other countries, we love their inexpensive labor costs, we are intelligent, we always win, we pollute the most, we drink water from plastic bottles, we have the best movies, we have the best video games and we spend billions of dollars on outdated ideas too.

That's what the western nations want you to believe while feeding you a steady stream of advertising for newer, faster and better consumer goods. How many dollars did you spend since 2016 on your cell phone? How many TVs, monitors,laptops, tablets have you purchased since 2010? During the last 10 years how many automobiles have you bought and how much fuel did you use? Toss in the cost of insurance, taxes and repairs to get the real amount you spent. Are your costs higher than your income? I have not included food, fast food, alcohol, drugs or basic items.

The Party is Over

Almost all of your money has gone to corporations with factories in countries with close to slave labor wages. The west was booming with giant stores selling you a better version to keep the wealth in the hands of a few very wealthy individuals. Most likely your savings, if you have any, hand you pennies on your investment from the banking system. How are those credit card balances doing with the interest charges? Have you heard of any telecom corporations going bankrupt?

The countries with what was slave labor created wealth, industries and a high standard of living. No one sleeps on a sidewalk bench thanks to your constant need to consume everything on the planet. What you are hearing/seeing non-stop on radio, television, newspaper, magazines and the Internet is a fish out of water struggling to breathe. It's the corpse of capitalism devouring itself.

There are now more electric cars in China than the rest of the world combined. Russia, a market economy, is rebuilding cities due to neglect under the soviet system. 2.5 billion people had their first look at Russia with the World Cup during June and July. Countries world-wide make the west look as though it is choking on their dust. 

There is no need to build a transit system through lower income neighborhoods to destroy it and say poverty was dealt a blow by the wealthy developers. Those promoting the destruction of entire communities are sick and need mental health services. Nations looking at the corpse of capitalism, build transit systems to decrease traffic, and move people at speeds up to 300 km per hour. Ours are as fast as a stage coach on rails. Bring back the horses.

Debt versus Real Wealth

For thousands of year accounting had 2 and sometimes 3 columns to get a proper balance. The third column rarely used until circa 1900 was for interest. Income and expense are the base of good accounting. Western governments created several additional columns I call Funny Money. It's of no value other than making you think the politicians are working from the town/city to the federal levels.

That is the first mistake people make when they believe the elected officials are the government. All of them, with few exceptions, are there to follow through on orders from the land developers and other corporations. 90% of it is fondly mentioned in the media by using the term Real Estate, something you in fact, will never own. It's a 12th century idea meant for the uneducated of the era and used today.

The only thing holding the western capitalist corpse, from realizing it is indeed dead is debt, or money that does not exist.

This cartoon found on the Internet says at least a 1000 more words.

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