Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Edmonton Pride Week after 1400 Years of Gay and Lesbian Persecution

Pride Week began organizing when a few Gay men and Lesbians met in 1975

The story about a group called Shades of Color (SoC) protested at the opening of the Pride Week Parade in 2018 was a sad day. (link) After decades of being attacked during every Pride Parade by evangelical pastors and their followers I felt sick. SoC was not satisfied when four of its' members were invited to meet with the Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS). When they arrived at the meeting thirty of their membership arrived and again attacked the Pride committee. The police were called or more physical violence would have taken place.  Here is an article filled with errors by one of the people who chose to attack the gay and lesbian Pride Parade.

Long before 2003 there was a healthy and inclusive incorporated Pride society in Edmonton. When a new group took over in 2003 they ditched the original society and eliminated the words gay and lesbian from Pride Week.

Originally we included everyone who wanted to volunteer in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities. The committee operated on a $20,000.00 budget for all of the Pride Week activities. You will never find that information, on the world's worst website, Wikipedia used too often as a reference. Wikipedia is for dummies who either do not know how to read or most likely never read a book.

SOC Made the Following Demands of Edmonton Pride Week

Here are some of the highlights from the demand notice. None of the wording was altered in any way to enable you to see the original wording by SoC found on this media website. The struggle for freedom began under torture and death by religious authoritarian theocracy circa 500 CE. SoC is attempting to rewrite and hijack history by using personal problems as a facade.

1. Open Pride with a protest lead by QTIBPOC, trans folx and their allies. 

2. Pride in the Park. Included in this would be musical performances by QTIBPOC artists
This protest will be in place of the parade, and anyone who joins must have beliefs that are in line with the message of the protest.

3. Shades of Colour Community and RaricaNow will assess via email who applies to partake in the protest and ensure the applicants adhere to a set of criteria based on the values and principles of the protest.

4. These workshops and resources should take up the most space and be at the centre of Pride in the Park

5. Pride in the Park needs to end with a vigil to honour the lives lost due to numerous forms of oppression transphobia, racism, colonization, queerphobia, capitalism, classism, ableism, Islamophobia, homophobia, etc.

6. QTIBPOC+ and trans folx will lead this vigil, followed by white allies and supports.
Applicants will acknowledge that whiteness is pervasive in mainstream LGBTQ+ communities.

7. We need to fight to defend this land at all costs against all threats, including government-sanctioned invading pipelines.

8. Write a public accountability  (ed; apology) Statement outlining the harm the EPFS has caused the QTIBPOC community and a public commitment to rectifying this harm.

Sorting the Facts from Fiction

Why were charges under Canadian Law not made by the Edmonton Pride Committee against the violent nature of SoC? The demands placed on gays and lesbians are both diabolical and a form of extortion against a highly discriminated minority group.

We have been dealt a serious blow for almost 1400 years by mythical words put into the vocabulary by religious groups. If you need proof look at the clergy of Iran where gay men face execution. They too have a reliable source given to them by a young man who hooked up with a very wealthy older woman. It was a small known world at the time and Iran keeps it that way in the 21st century. There are a few other countries where the death penalty remains in place for homosexuals. Bringing religion into a celebration of freedom is mixing oil and water.

Here is a quote from the trial brought before the Supreme Court of Canada caused by discrimination by the government of Alberta. (Factum of the Intervener in favour)*

Historically, Jews and gay persons have frequently been the targets of discrimination at the same time and from the same sources. In Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1980).

Do You want more Evidence?

As a target of racism and a victim of the Holocaust, the Jewish community uniquely appreciates the importance of being vigilant in the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. Canadian Jewish Congress views the issues raised in this case not only as issues pertaining to gays and lesbians, but also as human rights issues relevant to all minorities and all Canadians. Congress understands that tolerance of diversity must be a goal for all Canadians. Congress recognizes that it has an obligation to object wherever discrimination exists. (Factum of the Intervener)

According to the Jewish Holocaust Museum over 30,000 gays had their lives ended in the Nazi concentration camps or by hideous torture (or both). After years of research, another 900,000 mostly gay men and lesbians, disappeared between 1933 to 1945 during the Nazi purge of gay men and women. In the 1930s and 1940s, both governments, Hitler’s and Stalin’s, presented homosexuality as the enemy’s aberration and deviance.

The same laws which oppressed Jews oppressed gay people; the same groups bent on eliminating Jews tried to wipe out homosexuality; the same periods of European History which could not make room for Jewish distinctiveness reacted violently against sexual nonconformity; the same countries which insisted on religious uniformity imposed majority standards of sexual conduct; and even the same methods of propaganda were used against Jews and gay people, picturing them as animals bent on the destruction of the children of the majority. (Factum of the Intervener)

This isn't Russia where being a homosexual is no longer a criminal act, but, everything you do is gay propaganda. Therefore it is normal in Russia to be beaten or murdered by Nazi-like gangs who prowl the streets of Moscow. They are free do so because Heir Putin did not put a remedy in place for discrimination based on sexual orientation. The law is a typical example of political homophobia.

Putin did however ensure spreading gay propaganda, a open assault on a minority group, giving his Nazi-like thugs freedom to bash gays. Who are the men in dresses from a millennium ago who dictate how Russia is governed in this century? One of the strictest regimes from a 1,000 years ago, the Russian Orthodox Church, made Russia a religious state. Russia is not a democracy as they claim to the world. It's a state-backed oligarchy for those who adhere to the Russian Orthodox Church rules and laws written centuries ago. The idea of human rights is lost to religious and often fascist non-taxable organizations.

Possibilities for Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Pride month and pride week must look to it's roots of persecution dating to the creation of authoritarian states with religion as its code of death. Let those who want to live by rules made up by angry old men, most of them non-white, stay in the 6th century. Pride can happily celebrate in the 21st century and let the mythical texts fade away into dust.

Bring the Pride Parade back to Jasper Avenue where 200,000 people enjoyed a great time on a Saturday. People of Edmonton flooded the sidewalks and Jasper Avenue taking a break from home life or working in their offices. The parade stretched from 112 Street to 103 Street creating an exciting time for everyone.

Allow the words gay and lesbian to be used as a reminder we are here.

Find people who live in Edmonton and understand our history, to volunteer without payment, to act as board members and advisors. Offer pepper spray to those in front of the parade and have an ample supply of officers of the law on hand. (Only to be used should any radical group get in our way)

As for the violent group Shades of Colour and RaricaNow they can hold their own protest rally. In their list of demands, it appears your choice, is their way or the highway.

For me I dread violence and people who make abusive threats while wearing a masquerade.

Dennis Cambly

*Appellant Vriend the right to pursue his human rights complaint.
May 1997 Ronald A. Sorokin Lyle S.R. Kanee Witten Binder Chivers Greckol and Kanee Counsel Canadian Jewish Congress

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Our Leaders are Looking Backwards for the Future

What do we get when we vote these miserable bastards to office?

We expect the politicians to act in a civilized manner. We are bored of your pathetic attempts to pour propaganda down our throats. Promises you made to us and every citizen on this planet are expected to be kept. Did our families beat that minion Hitler so you could be proud Nazi supporters? Why are you backing a Nazi regime where there was a democratically elected leader? Our families built the United Nations so you would have an open forum to work out differences. Too arrogant to admit you are wrong yet always ready for photo-ops.

You have deliberately created a delirious sense of hate and terror to enable more weapons of destruction. Where is your sense of decency? Your words yes we can and real change are meaningless. You have hit us with a blizzard of media half truths and outright lies.

Why are you sitting on your brain? Did you shove your head so far up your ass you are blinded by the dark side. Have you developed a speech problem? Do you require our assistance in showing you how to speak to another person over a disagreement? We do it every day of the year. Perhaps your use of verbs, nouns and adjectives needs some refreshing.

The big boys behind the military have conned you into believing they have solutions. They do not know how to dream of creating a world with everyone living in variations of peace. Why do your very wealthy friends horde trillions in paper dollars? Power is an illusion for the delusional mind. History is cluttered with those who wanted power over the citizens of this planet.

You use education as a tool to jam your religious agenda to the front. Religion is the dead waiting to die rather than build a better life for everyone now.

Tell your wealthy friends to release their trillions into the economy. We will thank them for their generosity, if, you do not kill us with more taxes.

You disgust me with your blithering remarks about sanctions as a weapon. We lived through the years of the bomb once. I could not imagine any of you jerks being in charge during those years. We had real leaders who were willing and able to speak to the other side. There is a difference between intelligence and being sleazy.

You have lost the capacity to speak an honest word.

It is pretentious of you to believe good jobs, a decent living and family can are created by building weapons of death. Did we have a day without war during the last 100 years?

When you were not looking the dreamers created millions of high paying jobs in the space program. Today the wealthiest act as pigs at the trough looking for more wealth while they rob our bank accounts. I know you are a slow learner so this was written with very few big words.

How did you forget the promises you made to the citizens of this planet?

You are so neurotic you depress me.

Listen to the children

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet.

We all breathe the same air.

We all cherish our children's future.

And we are all mortal." President John F. Kennedy

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Twitter is Meddling in Canadian Election 2019

Canadian Federal Election Results 2015
Every Canadian should beware you are using American corporations to post your thoughts about the upcoming election in October. Twitter began purging individual Canadian accounts at a high rate in August 2019.

Suspended, temporary suspension, temporary restricted or banned are common attacks on Canadians expressing their thoughts and opinions. It is done without the user being told why it has happened. The email points to the vague and rambling clutter of nonsensical words called Community Guidelines.

All headings in the guidelines has an ever expanding sub-category. However, it is Canadian account holders Twitter is making a point to shut down, by meddling in our election.

An additional link points to Rules and Policies only applicable without reason(s) being given. Twitter considers all of the rules, guidelines and policies aiming towards a healthy conversation. Having held an account for over ten years many good conversations took place until a month ago.

Once a Canadian election is in the air the chats and comments become more intense. Twitter's artificial intelligence system is setup to handle reported accounts by people who for the most part are far right extremists and religious fanatics. These groups are de-humanizing every time they comment by posting another mythical lie.

With the election of Kenney in Alberta under the Wildrose Party disguised as United Conservatives, Twitter added religious values to the machine. Here's an example of how fast a comment is called hate speech:

Twitter Meddling in the Canadian Federal Election

Anyone who reads online or off-line media knows this topic is posted almost daily. The diminishing Canadian online media often have links to Twitter embedded in articles. With the Federal Election this year be careful with links to Twitter.

Twitter disallows automated behaviour for an individual tweeting fifteen times a day. Each of these accounts tweet 600 hundred times per hour in favour of Andrew Scheer. Artificial so-called intelligence cannot find these paid accounts opened a few months ago.

Of the four hundred Canadian citizens who formed a small group over the past 10 years only three have active accounts today. We live everywhere in Canada and are a diverse group who love to ask questions and poke fun at politicians. Twitter believes asking questions is against the rules.

Others have sent messages to me reporting they have also been suspended or banned from Twitter. With the Canadian election being called on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Twitter has already proven they are meddling in our Canadian election. 27 percent of Canadians use Twitter as a part of their online social media platforms.

Please consider the number of voters Twitter will censor before you use Twitter for information during the election campaign.

Here is a glance at my Twitter audience.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Defining an Environmentally friendly Future in Canada

High on the side of a mountain range

The definition of a green economy is as elusive as the name itself. It appears to be divided somewhere between a green environment and green economy. In this article we will be looking at how Canada is doing today with a peek into the future. I consider every person living in Canada a Canadian when referring to this topic. No matter how many ways we think of a greener future everyone can participate.

How is Canada doing Today

The population of Canada is slightly less than 37 million in 2018. Statistics Canada released the following statement in early 2019.

"Motor vehicles accounted for close to three quarters of the total registered vehicles in Canada, with 24,000,000 million registrations. Ontario had the highest number of road motor vehicles registered at 8.7 million... with the 2016 census showing 15,900,000 million commute to work"

The largest majority of the vehicles use either regular, diesel or a bio-fuel combination. Almost an additional 35,000 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in Canada as of September, 2018.

My purpose is not to drown you in page after page of statistics. Vehicles for the most part, are an extension of another fuel consuming location, our home. Canada is almost self-sufficient when looking at our natural gas and fossil fuel use. The question becomes: How do we get to a green economy without risking further loss of the natural environment? We have to some extent a country admired for natural wonders, given to us through the billions of years of the ever evolving planet Earth. Every human along with all life is indigenous and native to this planet.

Fuel Consumption at Home

Energy is required for heating, water, sewage, electricity and seasonal cooling. Look around your home whether is be a house or rental suite. How many of your electrical outlets are in use at this moment? Please pause moment while you glance around your residence.

How Friendly is the Energy Canadians Use?

Looking at the graph above the renewable energy sector is approximately five percent in Canada. How much of what is called renewable is environmentally friendly? Energy created by Wind power uses large amounts non-renewable resources for construction and maintenance. Here is an example of the motor required to turn wind into a small amount of usable energy.

How can Wind be considered non-renewable when it relies on diminishing raw natural resources?

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power leaves behind a toxic and deadly poison to all life. What does Canada do with the spent nuclear fuel rods and other nuclear waste? As of today the nuclear waste is being stored in various places either in steel drums or nuclear waste cooling ponds. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is looking for a location to store the waste in a fuel dump either 1.6 km from Lake Huron or in Northwestern Ontario. It will be kept safe for 100s of 1000s of years says OPG.

Image from US Army Corps of Engineers
It may surprise people to read about the proposed nuclear waste dump site mainly because Canada's media avoids the topic. Drill holes have been completed in the second location outside of Ignace, Ontario on Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation land. Try to imagine transporting deadly toxic nuclear waste from southern Ontario to any location in northwestern Ontario?

Coal used to Generate Electricity in Canada

Coal pollutes the earth, water and air yet Canada continues to use it. When Rachel Notley announced the closure of coal fired plants she was met with opposition party resistance. United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney pledged that he would end the NDP’s statutory shutdown of coal. The remaining coal fired plants will be phased out by 2030 in Alberta. Natural gas and renewable solar sources will be used instead of coal.

Hydraulic fracturing aka fracking, also referred as shale gas, is becoming a major source of non-conventional natural gas. Definitely a non-renewable resource.

Canada at the Crossroad to the Future

While we argue about one government versus another government it is our city governments who are talking up grand proposals for happy campers.

Articles about a Greener Environment

British Columbia: We need to develop green, renewable sources of energy instead of fossil fuels
Calgary: Next green energy hub
Financial Post:  Worthless green projects exposed
Huffington Canada: Net zero-emissions economy by 2050
Macdonald-Laurier Institute: Green energy, like all energy sources, uses more capital than labour

Canada is a Member Nation
UN Environment: Recognizing there are many and diverse pathways to environmental sustainability

I have little faith in most of our leaders especially when they talk big words without meaning what they say. To Canadians who helped build this country I understand your dilemma. Why is a relic of corruption and despicable acts, the only ones to whom, they give their Oath of allegiance? They couldn't be telling Canadians the truth even if they wanted to do so. We are not mentioned in the Canadian Oath of Allegiance. The cleverness is proven with the added words Queen of Canada. Give me the hundred million dollars and I'll be Queen of Canada and will appoint my friends to lofty positions :)

In the next segment I will show you information about a few major cities from coast to coast. The main focus is on how environmentally friendly are the most costly proposed or under-construction projects from the cities.

Dennis Cambly