Saturday, August 25, 2018

Canada Pension Plan CPP revised, improved and Enhanced #cdnpoli

Canada Pension unglued

The recent announcement from the Liberal Government under PM Justin Trudeau on the Canada Pension Plan left people feeling confused. This article covers Canada Pension for anyone working in the Private Sector. Public sector pensions are offered and run separately.

During the election campaign in 2015 the Liberals made the following promise.

We will help to lift hundreds of thousands of seniors out of poverty by increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for single low-income seniors by ten percent. This will give one million of our most vulnerable seniors, who are often women, almost $1,000 more each year. Because many seniors live on fixed incomes, we will introduce a new Seniors Price Index to make sure that Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement benefit keep up with seniors’ actual rising costs.

We will improve quality of life for millions of Canadians by prioritizing investment in affordable housing, seniors’ facilities, early learning and child are, and cultural and recreational infrastructure.
 It is impossible to talk about poverty without a common denominator defining poverty.  Canada along with nations world-wide signed the United Nations Millennium Goals in the year 2000. To date no Canadian government has defined, in economic or other terms, the meaning of poverty. Poverty is multi-faceted effecting people with uncertainties while living in a consumer driven society. Another committee made up of wealthy Liberal friends has been created to write another report on poverty sometime in the future.

One myth about collecting a pension requires a short note. Canada Pension or CPP is not welfare or a social services payment. CPP is deducted from the income earned by Canadians. To the people who made the statement during a long discussion on Facebook please look at your pay cheque deductions. You should see your contributions to Canada Pension Plan along with employment insurance, income tax plus many others. You and your employer contribute equal amounts to CPP.

Are you working two or more jobs and not seeing any deductions? It happens more often than believed among low income employees. This is poverty trap door where employees and employers make no contributions to CPP based on casual employment. Payments to CPP are not required nor will CPP be paid to you upon retiring.

About the Election Promise

Currently 5.7 million Canadians over 65 collect some of the following: Canada Pension, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplements plus some Provincial Senior benefits. Alberta recently increased Senior Benefits by 6 cents per month in July, 2018.

On page 12 of the 2017 Liberal Government Budget 13,000 senior Canadians were lifted out of poverty. Later on page 225 they claim 750,000 seniors received an increase up to $947.00 each year since 2016. As you read the budget the number jumps to 900,000 low income seniors. It appears as though there is a lottery wheel someone spins and a lucky senior wins a small increase. While preparing income tax returns for over 9,000 low income Canadians and seniors no increase was found.

Increases are based on the rate of inflation usually announced in late May. This year the rate of inflation was 0.05 percent in May. In July the rate was increased to 2.5 percent. Guess who received the 0.05 rate? The election promise and the enhanced CPP are meaningless to those currently collecting a pension.

Seniors are Considered Taboo 

People are living longer in Canada and this one point is seldom, if ever, discussed. The moment a person turns 65 they are kicked out of the workplace, pay extra for dental, eye glasses and prescriptions, tossed into a seniors home overlooking a cemetery and left to go quietly into the night. For those who own a home Edmonton city council will buy or take it so they can run a stage coach on wheels through it. A lifetime of experience, love, family, friends and compassion are pushed into a home where seniors are left to die isolated from the world. A society based on consumerism does the same to people as it does to last year's electronic devices.

What the Enhanced Version Means to You

As stated the new improved Canada Pension Plan does not apply to those currently collecting a pension.

In 2019 the amount working people pay into CPP will increase. The best term is a rolling increase until 2059 when you decide to retire from work. What will it be worth in forty years? It takes a stretch of the imagination to make an economic forecast more than a few years. Consider the actual rate of inflation based on purchasing a three bedroom home in 1960 for $14,900.00. A three bedroom townhouse, built with wood, held together with glue runs above $300,000.00  today. (not including taxes and fees)

I do not offer economic advice to the reader. To anyone starting a reasonable paying job today find a financial advisor. Most of the banks and credit unions will help even with minimal amounts of money. Money invested in Canada Savings Bonds will mature as a worthless piece of paper. Registered Retirement Savings Plans are easy to use in case of emergencies and could leave you broke later in life. Think of an emergency account and a savings account separately to ensure you have both when needed.

Double the Taxes Legally

Canadians pay more taxes than any of the so-called developed countries. Take great care of savings and investments by steering clear of taxable funds. Currently those who saved via taxed income are taxed a second time. Today you are taxed on the money you saved the day after you make it to 70!  It is another myth to hear people say seniors do not pay taxes. There are taxes on every possible purchase including rent, seniors prison lodges, property taxes and the list goes on.

Gold is a great way to save since you sell it for cash when you need it, hopefully, much later.

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Dennis Cambly
August 25, 2018

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Are You Happy #Snuggling with a #Capitalist #Corpse?

We have the best, we are the best, we are the west, we enslave other countries, we love their inexpensive labor costs, we are intelligent, we always win, we pollute the most, we drink water from plastic bottles, we have the best movies, we have the best video games and we spend billions of dollars on outdated ideas too.

That's what the western nations want you to believe while feeding you a steady stream of advertising for newer, faster and better consumer goods. How many dollars did you spend since 2016 on your cell phone? How many TVs, monitors,laptops, tablets have you purchased since 2010? During the last 10 years how many automobiles have you bought and how much fuel did you use? Toss in the cost of insurance, taxes and repairs to get the real amount you spent. Are your costs higher than your income? I have not included food, fast food, alcohol, drugs or basic items.

The Party is Over

Almost all of your money has gone to corporations with factories in countries with close to slave labor wages. The west was booming with giant stores selling you a better version to keep the wealth in the hands of a few very wealthy individuals. Most likely your savings, if you have any, hand you pennies on your investment from the banking system. How are those credit card balances doing with the interest charges? Have you heard of any telecom corporations going bankrupt?

The countries with what was slave labor created wealth, industries and a high standard of living. No one sleeps on a sidewalk bench thanks to your constant need to consume everything on the planet. What you are hearing/seeing non-stop on radio, television, newspaper, magazines and the Internet is a fish out of water struggling to breathe. It's the corpse of capitalism devouring itself.

There are now more electric cars in China than the rest of the world combined. Russia, a market economy, is rebuilding cities due to neglect under the soviet system. 2.5 billion people had their first look at Russia with the World Cup during June and July. Countries world-wide make the west look as though it is choking on their dust. 

There is no need to build a transit system through lower income neighborhoods to destroy it and say poverty was dealt a blow by the wealthy developers. Those promoting the destruction of entire communities are sick and need mental health services. Nations looking at the corpse of capitalism, build transit systems to decrease traffic, and move people at speeds up to 300 km per hour. Ours are as fast as a stage coach on rails. Bring back the horses.

Debt versus Real Wealth

For thousands of year accounting had 2 and sometimes 3 columns to get a proper balance. The third column rarely used until circa 1900 was for interest. Income and expense are the base of good accounting. Western governments created several additional columns I call Funny Money. It's of no value other than making you think the politicians are working from the town/city to the federal levels.

That is the first mistake people make when they believe the elected officials are the government. All of them, with few exceptions, are there to follow through on orders from the land developers and other corporations. 90% of it is fondly mentioned in the media by using the term Real Estate, something you in fact, will never own. It's a 12th century idea meant for the uneducated of the era and used today.

The only thing holding the western capitalist corpse, from realizing it is indeed dead is debt, or money that does not exist.

This cartoon found on the Internet says at least a 1000 more words.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Canadians Would be Wise to Understand Canada rather than Listen to US

Where do you find out about Canada on any of our media? The CBC might hand out some snooze news from time to time once they get passed their bias coverage. What's the point of having another panel of those dreaded experts when they work for another media source? Give a group of us former broadcasters a 1.6 billion dollar budget from the federal government and we will show you what the media can do for Canada.

CBC radio has now invented a group of experts to speak about marijuana. They openly admitted none of them have ever smoked pot or ate a pot brownie or cookie. More than likely there is money from a federal handout behind their expert advice.

Canada has an open border with the US broadcasting 24/7 the same kind of experts into this country. It becomes a problem when Canadian get confused between what the US does and what we do. This country was not built on the backs of black slaves nor do we spend trillions of dollars to run around the world murdering millions of people. All the countries on this little planet do not spend as much on military spending than the United States does every year. The US is not a democracy - it is a Republic created by slave owners.

The United States is Interfering with Canada

Why are Yankees getting involved with discussions Canadians are having in forums via the Internet?

You know it's a Yankee when:

- they knock our universal healthcare system because no one in Canada goes bankrupt visiting a Doctor.

- they knock the Alberta oil sands project while they forget to mention they have ones 15x bigger

- they encourage Canadians to hate one another rather than have open conversations.

- they will never tell you 90,000,000 million Yankees didn't vote thus giving the office of President and administration to their wealthiest oligarchs.

- they blame Russia for everything including the weather never looking at their fault ridden voting system.

- they are sly until you are wise enough to nail them to the wall with basic fundamental truth.

- they quote US policy via Twitter including threats of nuclear war to other nations. Canada is also a target of those quotes you get from every form of media.

- they will never talk about the nuclear waste dump planned for northwestern Ontario because they will use it for their nuclear waste.

 - another noticeable way to know if it's a Yankee is their use of a grade 6-8 level English. 

- everything in the United States is the biggest, best, top of word, best in the universe, most watched, most viewed and most abusive.

- they call themselves Americans as though no one else lives in North and South America.

- they attack and murder millions of people so they can steal the resources by using the only military tactic they know - divide and conquer.  I am waiting for the US to find those weapons of mass destruction the UK said Iraq had in 2002. They are still searching for Libya's 400 tonnes of gold.

Canadians must have Discussions without Interference

Debating any topic is a common trait all Canadians have in common. Long debates took place everywhere in Canada for our Flag, our healthcare, First Nations along with our Rights and Freedoms. We win when we have talks about our environment including our wealthiest resource - water. In the long run we will win by creating an environment less reliant on fossil fuels including coal. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource making it useless for the future of our country and the planet.

Let us be reasonable about our demands today because Canadians do use a lot of non-renewable fuel. We are beginning to move forward contrary to all the expert opinions in the media. Believe in yourself and your fellow Canadians while believing 1% of what the talking heads have to say or write. Have they told you the discussions and rules for the Trans-Mountain pipeline started in 2008?

One news-like paper did publish an article about Lionel Twins, and the Louis Bull first nations forging ahead, with a solar system. The 16 page tabloid manages to squeeze a few stories between a clutter of advertising.

In closing please let me show you an ancient secret about the Internet. (sarcasm) When doing a search what is really happening in Canadian make use of the operands while they still exist.

Canadian news -CBC is one of my favourites.  Put a - (minus) sign before CBC or any others to exclude them from your search. Those top spots in every search engine are paid for with your money.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Bureaucratic Shuffle in Canada

"the plan is overly bureaucratic and complex"

We are fooled into believing our elected officials operate the government. You should know it is far from the truth. Every form of government, everywhere, runs the show from behind the scenes. Do you pay taxes to multiple government run agencies?

You have heard or read the "government will spend 20 million dollars to launch a new program". (example)

Do ever hear how much of the money will be spent on the bureaucracy to set up and make the program available?

To show you who operates the government here is one example. You can do the same for your town, city, county, province or country. An additional massive bureaucracy is scattered across the country on behalf of both Provincial and Federal governments. Total number of public sector employees from every level of government totaled 3.7 million in 2017.

How Many Dollars are Spent on The Bureaucracy?

Cost for corporate administration, general,  municipal and other total of $356,800.000.00 of the 2.6 billion dollars in revenue (2015). Employee benefits run an additional $127,000,000.00 per year for a grand total of $483,800,000.00. And you thought the 18 million in traffic tickets was a lot of money.

List of an endless Empire of Bureaucrats

Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions

Policies and Procedures Governing Boards

Projects and Plans

Edmonton City Government

Edmonton Metro Region Board

Capital Region Housing Corporation of Edmonton offers a small subsidy with a waiting list of up to 7 years. (before you apply get rid of your vehicle, television, computer, cell phone and shoot yourself in the foot) This elite group apparently reports to no one. All talk no action by highly paid bureaucrats.

Electricity cost Per Month for a 450 sq. ft. run down single suite apartment. Front and back doors do not lock properly etc. The place is more suitable for mice. Electricity used $27.72, with taxes on electricity $34.19 for a total of $61.91. 

People living in poverty do pay taxes. If you believe it isn't so you are listening to the wealthy talk about poverty. Although Canada has not defined poverty look at the cost of paying rent, cost of food and purchases of small items. Taxes are included or added via GST/HST. Mature Canadians (seniors) get nailed every way possible to pay the nameless, faceless bureaucracy. Contributions were made during an entire working life into pension plans. Their single minded purpose it to stay wealthy while ensuring the bureaucracy pays them an over-inflated pension.

“You will understand bureaucracies when you understand procedure is everything and people are nothing.” Thomas Sowell