Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dealing with Crime Gangs

Although the video presented here deals with Canada, it can be applied to any country. The "gangs" of criminals are committing many acts of violence against people and property. It seldom makes any headline news although it is apparent when checking local newspapers. One local paper actually puts a map on page 3 every week of recent gang activity. People being murdered, property break ins going sky high with beatings added for good measure.

In every country that has some democratic values there is usually some protection of the individual included. It may be in some way a right to live in a peaceful and healthy manner as we imagine in a democracy. While our law enforcement is attempting to do their work, they are constantly hammered by the judicial system. Perhaps the difficulty with these gangs is in the way they are being handled. Could our political leaders, look at putting in place "national laws" that turn the tables, so that the gangs are dealt with more severely? Instead of slapping them on the hands and putting them back on the street let's put them some place less comfortable. Our Constitutions/Charters say that an "enemy" will not be tolerated, whether internal or external.

It is time to take on the "gangs" that cause so much of the violence and death in our democratic countries. Their continued "Criminal acts" are intended or calculated to provoke a state of fear in the general public. These acts of violence are created by a group of persons in order to reduce the freedom of the citizens of a country. Let's reduce their freedom and cause the gangs a lot of fear.

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