Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Bureaucratic Shuffle in Canada

"the plan is overly bureaucratic and complex"

We are fooled into believing our elected officials operate the government. You should know it is far from the truth. Every form of government, everywhere, runs the show from behind the scenes. Do you pay taxes to multiple government run agencies?

You have heard or read the "government will spend 20 million dollars to launch a new program". (example)

Do ever hear how much of the money will be spent on the bureaucracy to set up and make the program available?

To show you who operates the government here is one example. You can do the same for your town, city, county, province or country. An additional massive bureaucracy is scattered across the country on behalf of both Provincial and Federal governments. Total number of public sector employees from every level of government totaled 3.7 million in 2017.

How Many Dollars are Spent on The Bureaucracy?

Cost for corporate administration, general,  municipal and other total of $356,800.000.00 of the 2.6 billion dollars in revenue (2015). Employee benefits run an additional $127,000,000.00 per year for a grand total of $483,800,000.00. And you thought the 18 million in traffic tickets was a lot of money.

List of an endless Empire of Bureaucrats

Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions

Policies and Procedures Governing Boards

Projects and Plans

Edmonton City Government

Edmonton Metro Region Board

Capital Region Housing Corporation of Edmonton offers a small subsidy with a waiting list of up to 7 years. (before you apply get rid of your vehicle, television, computer, cell phone and shoot yourself in the foot) This elite group apparently reports to no one. All talk no action by highly paid bureaucrats.

Electricity cost Per Month for a 450 sq. ft. run down single suite apartment. Front and back doors do not lock properly etc. The place is more suitable for mice. Electricity used $27.72, with taxes on electricity $34.19 for a total of $61.91. 

People living in poverty do pay taxes. If you believe it isn't so you are listening to the wealthy talk about poverty. Although Canada has not defined poverty look at the cost of paying rent, cost of food and purchases of small items. Taxes are included or added via GST/HST. Mature Canadians (seniors) get nailed every way possible to pay the nameless, faceless bureaucracy. Contributions were made during an entire working life into pension plans. Their single minded purpose it to stay wealthy while ensuring the bureaucracy pays them an over-inflated pension.

“You will understand bureaucracies when you understand procedure is everything and people are nothing.” Thomas Sowell


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